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Meeting the Moment around Racism–Listening is Key (3: 02)

Meeting the Moment around Racism--Listening is Key (3: 02)

Parental Alienation – Hurting Your Child Instead of Your “Ex”

When a couple goes through separation or divorce, there is frequently a tendency for one or both parents to “bad mouth” the other parent to the children. Dr. Richard Gardner, an American child therapist and forensic psychiatrist developed two terms that he believed described this situation.

Who’s the Parent?

What is the difference between a “good” parent and a “responsible” parent? It is important for a child and parent to have a healthy relationship with the parent being in charge.

Adoption – What Can You Believe? Exposing Two Critical Flaws in Adoption Research

Many researchers fail to admit that reliable national data on adoption has not existed in the United States for over ten years. Researchers also frequently fail to identify themselves as either insiders (part of the adoption triad) or outsiders in adoption, which is called positioning. Research that does not address both issues is meaningless.

Parenting Your Kids With Love and Affection

Parenting is a process of raising and educating the child. It involves imparting right values to the children and not just fulfilling the basic needs of the child. It includes providing emotional strength and security to the child. Today the scenario has changed with mother and father playing equal roles in the upbringing compared to the earlier times when parenting was considered the duty of the mother alone.

Children’s Educational Games

There is a common perception that children’s educational games are always boring and uninteresting. But this perception is not true at all. On the contrary, there are many children’s educational games which not only appeal to kids but many adults also love to play them. Children’s educational games come in different levels of difficulty and you can choose them according to the age of your child.

Routines For Children That Work

Many parents struggle when it comes to juggling their children, careers and family chores. For many it is a constant battle and guilt plays a huge part – should parents go out to work or should one stay at home to care for the family?

My Child Will Not Be Deprived Like I Was

We like to think we do our children a favour by making their lives easier than our lives have been. In the process we simply make different mistakes.

Five Tips For Getting a Holiday Babysitter

Like most parents, you may need to hire a babysitter for at least one holiday gathering or party this season. Some parents will have many nights that they need a sitter. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like all the good babysitters already have plans. Here are out top five tips for getting a great sitter this season.

Children and Independence – How Much is Too Much?

A nation of parents who are terrified to let their kids out of their sight, and a nation of kids who graduate from childhood incapable of handling even basic life support tasks. Just where is the line between undue risk and over protection?

Can You Really Trust Your Babysitter?

I was talking with a friend last night who said she and her husband almost became adoptive parents. They had been asked to be parents of a little boy had nobody claimed him. November is in fact, National Adoption Awareness Month. National Adoption Day is a collective national effort to raise awareness of the 129,000 children in foster care waiting to find permanent, loving families. It’s heart wrenching to think of another human being not having the upbringing of a loving mother and father. To not feel loved and cared for, or to have lost their parents at a young age.

How to Encourage Creative Thinking in Children Using Visual Art Supplies

Thinking creatively can improve an individuals quality of life. This article discusses how parents can help their children develop creative thinking; informs them about the stages children go through as they learn to draw and how to encourage them to continue being creative.

How to Reward Your Child

This article looks at the issue of parents over rewarding their children in today’s society. This has led to calls that children these days are over sheltered and pampered. Let us discuss this issue in greater depth.

Effective Ways to Teach Your Child Responsibility

Responsibility. As a parent, career person and partner, it seems as though your plate is so chock-full of it that it’s become second nature to you! Yet have you stopped to consider that when it comes to your child, he or she doesn’t learn about it – rather, your son or daughter has to be taught it?

Follow These Tips For a Temper Tantrum-Free Child!

Every parent has a horror story from when their child threw a particularly powerful temper tantrum. Perhaps it occurred in the middle of a crowded grocery store or during a movie; wherever the tantrum took place, nothing can be more frustrating than trying to turn your son or daughter from a screaming child into a sweet angel again. Why exactly do temper tantrums take place, anyways?

Painless Potty Training – Tips From the Experts!

Potty training. Every parent looks forward to it, and dreads it at the same time. Potty training means an end to the mountain of diapers that pile up at the end of the day – but it also means months of accidents, spills and other messes that can only occur with a young child learning how to use the toilet!

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