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Tips for Helping Your Child Save Money

Begin now to teach your child to save money. Habits formed early in childhood tend to stay with them as they grow into adulthood.

Working From Home: How to Juggle Home And Work!

Working from home is not a new concept; in fact it existed even during the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Some surveys suggest that around 40 percent of the total working population is either self employed or works from home. This is expected to see a rise of 20 percent each year. We may wonder if working from home a good option for everyone? Maybe not! It is not possible for everyone to maintain discipline or even handle being isolated socially. It is also likely that everyone is not well organized. On the other hand it is possible to create a very good work and personal life balance when we work from home. There are a few companies who offer a compressed work week system with a telecommute schedule. You may have 10-hour work days with three days off every week. In fact for many people, working from home is a good opportunity and for some jobs done from home such as freelance writing it works perfectly. There are several things which make working from home much easier as well as profitable.

Three Adorable Nursery Themes for Girls

Girls are wonderful blessing for any family but creating the perfect baby girl nursery could be challenging for parents. If you are having a hard time figuring out how to decorate your nursery consider the three new, popular, and adorable nursery themes for girls we have in store for you!

Why You Don’t Want Your Grandmother’s Baby Quilts

With a newborn baby in the house, the best thing you can do with grandma’s old baby quilts is to store them away till you baby is grown enough to appreciate the memories they carry. Your grandmother’s baby quilts might not be safe and here is why.

Dangerous Pesticides in Our Family’s Food

Your fresh fruit and veggies are covered with bug spray (pesticides). Literally insect and pest spray is smothered all over our produce before it hits the table. But do we have a choice? Keep it simple. If a bug won’t eat it… should we?

6 Tell Tale Signs of Stress and What to Do About Them

According to a recent survey, stress affects 30% + of the population on a daily basis. Too much stress can contribute to a long list of health problems as well as family problems. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to help get balance back into your life.

How Music Inspires Baby’s Brain?

Music is believed to have a profound and positive effect on heart, mind and body. Many people find music to be miraculous as it helps in fending off the blues and reduces stress. Music has same effect on babies as well. It promotes wholesome development in them.

Great Travel Ideas for Single Parents

Being a single parent is no easy task and being able to take some time off and spending some quality time with the children might seem like a distant dream. Single parents not only have to raise a child alone but have to be able to provide for that child, leaving them with very little free time.

Empty Nest Syndrome: Learning How to Let Go

Having children is one of the biggest and most life-changing milestones any parent will ever experience. While it is challenging and even grueling at times, it manifests great joy, personal satisfaction and a feeling of wholeness that only a parent can relate to.

Get Back To Dating As a Single Parent

Dating as a single parent is a very scary proposition. Well, I suppose the real act of dating is probably less daunting than the thought of getting out there and back into the dating game is. Whether one is a single parent due to divorce or death, or even by design, dating is something that needs to be thought about carefully and you need to make sure that you are ready for it.

Parenting Strategies for Single Mothers

There are a few basic tips that single mothers can follow in order to successfully raise their children on their own. This may be a daunting task, but it is far from impossible. It can even be enjoyable if you have the right attitude.

Being a Confident Single Mother

Many single mothers feel that they are under a lot of pressure, and that there are people watching them all the time to see what mistakes they will make. IN this situation it is very important that you focus on all of your successes rather than getting tied down by your unreachable and perfectionist aims. Celebrate every single success that you have, no matter how small, and keep positive.

Balancing Work and Home Life As a Single Parent

Single parenthood is difficult whether you are a single mother or a single father. Navigating family-life without a co-pilot is a nightmare as you have nobody to help with making the difficult decisions. Single parenthood also means that there is nobody to pick up the slack when you are tired and stressed out.

Why Kids Lie – How Parents Can Help Them to Tell the Truth

Telling a lie is your child’s way of getting what he wants, which is pretty normal. You will have to guide and direct his behavior to tell the truth and be honest. By the time a child reaches 4 or 5 they usually know the difference between telling the truth and lying. This article will give parents and caring adults methods of teaching and training honesty and assuming personal responsibility. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and encouraged in our community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all.

3 Tips On How to Get a Cheap Changing Table Pad

Honestly speaking, diaper changing process can be a very challenging process for many young parents. They find it hard to provide great comfort to their beloved babies. In order to make the process smoother, I would highly recommend you to get a good changing table pad.

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