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The Importance of Involving Parents in the Loop With Treatment Programs

Parents are the key to success. Programs started to initiate parent weekends, parent seminars and other ways to pull the parents into the healing process. This encourages a more healthy view that these are family problems not just a child’s problem.

Choosing a Wooden Swing Set or Jungle Gym for Your Kids

A swing set for the backyard is a major purchase that will be a part of your outdoor landscape for many years. There are several factors that you will need to look at before you buy. Read below to find out what details must be decided on, up front.

Guard Your Children

Nowadays, you must guard your children. Danger is all around us. When I was a young mother, I had a little boy.

The Teenager’s Need to Attach to Friends

Separating from parents and creating an individual identity in the family is a crucial task for the adolescent. But such separation can leave a teen feeling stranded and unmoored. So at the same time as this separation is going on, teenagers are simultaneously further attaching to friends.

Freedom and Responsibility for the Adolescent: Separating From Parents

Adolescence is a difficult time, for both the adolescent him or herself, and for their parents, as well. Sometimes it seems your precious child has been abducted and replaced by a foul-mouthed, insolent alien, sprouting hair in odd places, no less, if you’re lucky enough to have a son. But the “lip” that your teen gives you is part and parcel of the developmental processes your child must go through before she can become a full adult. One of the basic tasks of the adolescent is separation from the parent.

Looking Stylish With The Right Diaper Bag Pattern

Giving the best to your beloved kids is always considered your prioritized job. However, you also need to take good care of yourself and always make yourself cheerful all the time. Traveling along with babies or young kids can be a tiring task. Being smart parents, you are advised to get yourself some helpful tools. One of them is a diaper bag. This particular bag is important in helping you to keep all the baby items in an organized manner. Choosing a functional bag is important but you also have to focus on the diaper bag pattern. Getting the right pattern makes you a trendy mother or father.

The Joy of Boys

Every week is a random week when you have four boys but last week was particularly random. Certainly not in a bad way, just in an unexpectedly random way!   The usual soccer game schedule is two practices a week and a game on Saturday.

High-Conflict Marriages and Their Impact on Children – What the Research Says

So many people stuck in dreadful marriages feel they simply must stay for the children. But what if your marriage is characterized by chronic screaming, actual hatred, controlling behaviors and emotional abuse? It’s starting to seem clearer that you may not be doing your children a service by staying in such a situation just for them.

Helping Children Who Suffer From Anxiety

You may or may not realise it, but everyone on the planet suffers from anxiety in some degree. A little bit of anxiety is probably a good thing. Otherwise we might find ourselves swimming with crocodiles and I don’t fancy our chances of coming out of that one alive! What happens when anxiety goes to the next level?

Blended Families – The “L” Family and Its Lessons

To encourage healthy step-family interactions, I share experiences from my practice. As always in professional writing, identifying details have been altered. The following stories blend the challenges of step-families into narrative-based lessons. I begin with the story from one pair’s meeting, to a moment of a radical change in their lives. We can learn from them how to handle blended families to make the experience a success for everyone.

Should You Leave? The Research on Divorce and Children You May Not Know About

I see one woman in my practice who is married to a guy who is, for lack of a better term, a total stinker. He’s negative, controlling, unreliable, thinks screaming is a wonderful way of communicating, and is not just un-nurturing to her, but also to the children. She’s convinced she must stay, as divorce as terrible for the children. But it’s just possible she’s wrong.

3 Tips for Developing Child Discipline and Respect With Your Children

An article about the importance of child discipline and respect. Tips on how to build a great relationship with your children.

To Spank or Not To Spank: That Is The Question

Like most parents I struggled with the dilemma of spanking when my first child came along. I read a lot of material on the subject and even took parenting classes along with my wife. Both of us were motivated by a desire to do what was best for our child. After all that, we were still split between the two schools of thought concerning punishment for children. Should I spank or not? The answer did not come easy and my wife and I decided it should be a personal decision for both of us.

5 Tips for Working Mothers Who Breastfeed

Breastfeeding can be a tricky thing to balance when mommy goes back to work. Here are five helpful tips for working mothers who absolutely want to continue breastfeeding their little one.

Parental Responsibility – The Blame Shifters

One of the inherent pitfalls in Gentle Parenting is the tendency to blame our parenting for any behavior issues our children are having. Screaming baby?

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