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MONTESSORI AT HOME: Going Out to a Restaurant

MONTESSORI AT HOME: Going Out to a Restaurant

Parenting, Do We Love It or Do We Secretly Hate It?

Childhood isn’t supposed to be purely enjoyable; neither is parenting. If it were purely enjoyable, there would be no expansion born from the experience. There would be no forward movement. We can love our children and dislike parenting. In fact, it is the dislike of parenting that can inspire us to become better parents!

3 Stages Of Marriage – Marriage Therapy Made Easy!

Marriage is a wonderful thing… Well, at least it should be wonderful. In our Phone Counseling and Life Coaching business we all too often see marriage issues leading to separation, divorce, and even at times violence.

Want Your Kids to Do Their Chores? Here’s How

Do you always have to ask for things to be put away, are you tired of the clutter and just do it all yourself, in this article, I share with you why doing it all yourself is not the answer. Clear the clutter once and for all, whilst getting help from the kids.

Is Indoor Play Better For Children Than Video Games?

There are two main influences on a child’s life as they grow up, objects they can interact with and play with to get a reaction, and visual objects they can see in the world which stimulate their minds. Both of these influences are necessary to help a child grow, but where is the best place for them to get them, from video games or from indoor play?

Get Your Child to Stop Thumb Sucking – 4 Reasons Why You Should Act Fast

It is very common to see children sucking on their thumbs and most people do not give it a second thought. Many parents even encourage it because it does soothe and comfort a child who is upset or irritated. However, responsible parents know that they have to take steps to get their child to stop thumb sucking immediately.

Parenthood – It Is All About Taking Responsibility and Teaching Responsibility

Parenting, is all about taking responsibility of the child and teaching him to be responsible. It is all about preparing him/her for adulthood, taking pride of him/her as an individual being. Your child is the reflection of your parenting style.

Expat Parenting: Adjusting to Family Life Abroad

Expat parenting is different than any other form of parenting. The adjustments that are required by expats and among spouses require unique approaches.

Back to the Roots

Good day Mr Moderator, Panel of Judges, Accurate Time Keeper, My Esteemed Readers, I am here today to neither convince nor confuse you on the topic “is it a human right or a privilege for a child to be catered for by his or her parent(s)?” I guess I would rather have your opinion on this one, more so that it seems controversial. While some, a vast majority I suppose, would furiously query your audacity as a parent to bring to life the innocent one(s) that you are not willing, able or capable to be responsible for, a few others…

How To Have A Strong Mother Daughter Relationship

There is no union more passionate, and potentially nothing more destructively explosive than a mother daughter relationship. The seeds of this life long saga are sown as early as the terrible twos. Some have called what ensues a battle of the wills. Both parties are locked in competition with each other. It is stuff of block buster movies. Then you have the mother with purse strings of steel; who refuses to let go and allow her daughter to start her own journey. Because of the emotional ties present, whether it is a good or bad relationship, it is usually a strong one. So instead of dwelling on the negative. Let us see what it takes to have a strong mother daughter relationship on the positive side.

Allowance for Chores – Is Pocket Money Earned or Given?

It’s an age old parenting question, but one which still causes a huge amount of debate: should you give your child pocket money or an allowance for doing chores? The best answer we can give you is, ‘sometimes’.

Good Parenting Involves Great Leadership – PART 1

Several of my clients have asked me to write a few blog entries focused on parenting. First, I do not claim to be the best parent around. I make mistakes all the time, but I am consistently trying to learn and get better at it. That said, I do believe my parenting style has been greatly enhanced by my work and feel I have some general advice to share.

Thankful All Month Long

Being thankful for all that we have is not always easy to do. It is cold out, the days seem short, and there is always something else that needs done. But challenge yourself and your twins to think of at least one thing you are thankful for each day and write it down, you will be amazed at what you have.

Double Shot: Half Full or Half Empty?

With the demands of today’s society, it is very easy to get caught up in the poor me mentality and bring yourself down just by what you think. Changing your thoughts and keeping your glass half full at all times will make you a better person and a better parent.

Gaining the Respect of Your Children

Having an ideal and respectable family has its roots on the kind of life being led by the people that made up that family. When you happen to come in contact with some families, you will wish to belong to them, at the same time some family’s set up will scare your life out and this can make someone not to think of having a family so as not to suffer the same fate.

The Top 3 Teen Issues – What Every Parent and Educator Should Know

Today’s teen has more challenges than ever before. Author and youth motivational speaker Darryl Ross gives tips and strategies to parents and educators on the top challenges facing teenagers.

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