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MONTESSORI AT HOME: How to Handle Toddler Frustration

MONTESSORI AT HOME: How to Handle Toddler Frustration

Different People Have Different Temperaments

Temperament is defined as a biologically and neurologically based set of traits that determine how a child tends to respond to and interact with his environment. Temperament is the building block of a child’s nature, the foundation of his identity. It is the natural, inborn style of behavior that dictates how a person expresses pleasure and displeasure. It is not the motivator or the reason why a child acts the way he does.

How To Make Your Rebellious Wife a Submissive Wife

Too many fathers and men have been fooled into thinking the way to get a wife and children to submit to them is to dominate, or invalidate them. In this article we set the record straight with proven and quantifiable steps to make a rebellious wife a submissive wife.

Kids Toy Box – Overall Best Solution

It is often difficult to narrow down our choices when choosing a new toy storage unit. It is important to realize what type of toys you are storing as well as how many you are going to be storing and where you will be putting your new unit. Getting home and finding out that your choice is not the right one can never be a good feeling. Should you choose a toy chest, toy box or storage bins? Many people seem to think that a kids toy box is the best bet.

How Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe From Danger

Parenting is a difficult experience anyone can go through. There are a lot of challenges that can test your patience. However, there are also a lot of happenings that can make all of the hard work worth your while.

Living According To Your Words

Every mother knows that her parenting has some “rough spots” and everyone tumbles from time to time. The million-dollar question is: If we keep on crashing, why do we insist on repeating the pattern again?

On Bullying

Bullying is almost constant in our society. Children learn how to be a bully from each other, from their parents, and from media. There is a fine line between strong authority with firm control or self-assertion and bullying, because bullying implies using fear to control another.

5 Tips Young Couples Should Know Before Parenthood

After marriage, the natural progression, whether sooner or later, is to parenthood. However, becoming a parent isn’t just about bringing a new life into the world but it comes with major responsibilities with regards to cares and upbringings as well as involving a drastic change in your lifestyle and daily routine. Fortunately, these changes also bring along a sense of joy and fulfillment that will make your life as a parent more meaningful.

Does Special Education Correlate With Delinquency?

Parents of students referred to special education often are concerned that their child will have difficulty as an adult, so they want their child to attend the best school possible. They may be correct, because there are a lot of problems adults face for which education does not prepare people.

Character Education And Parenting

Parents are children’s primary teachers for social behaviors. Character education is a fancy name for teaching children how to live in society. Even though parents don’t use formal programs as schools must do, they are constantly teaching character education.

Prom Date Tips for Parents of Teens: How You Can Help Your Teen Feel Comfortable Attending Prom

Remember high school prom? Remember how exciting it was? Remember how stressful it also was? There was so much pressure to go to prom, to look great, and have a great prom date with you. Discover ways you can help your teen to feel more comfortable and confident approaching their special prom now.

How Young Children Learn Self-Control – Tips for Improving Self-Regulation

Many desperate parents and teachers often wonder how young children learn self-control. This question often comes in the wake of fried nerve endings following an interaction with a child who appeared out of control, or when dealing with a teenager with impulse control issues.

Where Did All The Boys Go?

Although I want to applaud the current crop of high school graduates, I could not help noticing that all the valedictorians and saluditorians of our local high schools, both public and private, are girls this year. Commendable as that is, I would like to ask, “Where did all the boys go?”

Toy Storage Solution – Get Your Kids To Help

Need an effective toy storage solution? Most people these days do and you shouldn’t feel like you are alone. After a long day of work or just taking care of the kids all day, the last thing the majority of us feel like doing is cleaning up the area where the kids were playing. Wouldn’t if be great if you were even able to get them to help you?

Child’s Play – It’s Really Work

What is play? It is play when we view it as fun; but when it is difficult, it is work. You may label child development as play, but that is an adult’s perception. To a child, it is work.

4 Car Safety Tips for Children

When you have kids, there are no easy trips to the store or quick errands to run. Children need to be buckled into the car and unbuckled out of the car and that is before you even get into the store! If you child is like most, they are tempted by candy and toys, and the risk of a fit being thrown is real every time you leave the house.

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