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What to Expect in Navy Boot Camp Training

If they do decide to pursue Naval training, it gives them the edge because they’re already familiar and well-versed with how real Naval training can go. If not, they’ll go home with valuable life lessons such as discipline, a drive for excellence, teamwork, and many others.

Common Daily Routines in Troubled Teen Boot Camps

Many parents consider troubled teen boot camps when they get mad at their teens for disobeying them or getting into trouble. Many feel guilty afterwards because of the preconceived notions that they have of boot camps. These make troubled teen boot camps seem more like punishment rather than life-changing or life-saving intervention. Are juvenile boot camps really ineffective? To be honest, boot camp for teens is nothing like the regular boyscout/girlscout or church youth camping retreats.

Parenting – Is It the Job of a Parent to Teach Their Children the Truth About God?

Why is it so easy for parents to “pass the buck” when it comes to their children? Parenting can be a difficult job when done right, but a job done right as a parent brings many blessings for generations to come!

Can At-Risk Youth Programs Really Help Troubled Teens?

Many parents who actively look for ways to help their troubled teens must have come across at risk youth programs during their search. This is because such programs have long been yielding positive results and giving parents and young people hope that there is a better future for them. For the families that these program have helped, the kind of intervention they provided has proven to be invaluable in turning the lives of struggling teens around.

At Risk Youth – Working With Young People At Risk

Young people these days are exposed to a lot of factors that increases the possibility of being in the at-risk category. Drugs, alcohol and other substances are easier to come by. Young people have easier access to vehicles, go to more parties, and connect to a wider social circle through the internet. In other words, there are a lot of opportunities to get together with a bad crowd and lots of time to get into trouble.

A Million Missing Babies

Are we pricing the cost of child-rearing out of our own reach? Last year, a million missing babies told us we are.

Parenting During the Christmas Season

Parenting is a hard job, but it’s even harder during the Christmas season. It’s hard to tell your children no at any time, but it’s even more difficult when you have to tell them no because someone is getting them what they want to buy. Discipline is also difficult during this time of year because children are excited about the holiday and everything that comes with it.

What Is a Tribe?

The word tribe has changed over the years from referring to groups of people in Indian tribes or pre-modern civilization to referring to the social media. A tribe can refer to any group that is a close-knit, bonded group of people.

Bedwetting and How to Survive It

From my experience with having my own seven children, I have realised that some children wet the bed until quite late, whilst others are able to coincide being toilet trained with staying dry at night. I have realised that understanding why children wet their beds is a complex issue. Firstly I noticed that there was a big difference between wetting the bed occasionally, due to a dream, for example, was quite different to wetting the bed frequently.

When Is the Right Time to Have Another Child?

When is the right time to have another child? From my experience, which has been extensive, there is no right time to have another baby. I have had 7 children, with varying times left in between each one.

Playing With Colors

Most children learn more effectively, and prefer to learn, by doing. With learning colors, hands-on-learning allows for creativity, critical thinking (when mixing colors), great enjoyment, and a sense of achievement. Their final products should be praised and all efforts recognized with approval.

Binocular Astronomy For Kids

The night sky, full of promise and mystery, can fire up the imagination of both children and adults in a way few other subjects can. When looking at stars, galaxies and planets that are so far distant from the earth it’s almost unimaginable that we can still see their lights. Children of all ages find it hard to resist the temptation to chart and explore these jewels that glitter against dark heavens.

How To Help Your Child With Homework

Does your child have a hard time getting started with their homework? Here are 3 great ways you can help your child gain focus.

Are You a Role Model Kids Can Look Up To?

Children watch movies and cartoons, relishing the role of the hero, the important one, because the hero is omnipotent. How many parents think they are omnipotent? Children think their parents are because, to a young child, the parent is EVERYTHING.

8 Tips to Help Improve Your Parenting Skills

Parenting can be a difficult task. However, if you use some of these simple tips you will find it becomes a rewarding and enjoyable activity and your child will have a good chance of becoming a delightful and responsible adult.

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