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MONTESSORI AT HOME: Oral Language Development

MONTESSORI AT HOME: Oral Language Development

Saving Your Family From Being Emotionally Spent When Money’s Gone

It’s possible to become emotionally spent as well as financially depleted when facing a financial meltdown. With savings wiped out and future plans delayed or destroyed, what do you do? Since every member of the family is affected by it its effect, your family needs a “how to survive” strategy.

Make a No Bake Cheesecake With Kids

Parents would want to bond with their children as much as possible and in any way that they could think of. But since children nowadays usually have a short attention span, parents should make sure that they involve themselves into a fun activity.

Child Behavior Problems – Get Results With The Best Idea I Have Found So Far

Because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to difficulties with a child’s behavior, we need to be in control and ready for anything, all the time. While this is one of the things which can make parenting very rewarding, when we do not get it quite right, real stress and tension can be the result. First, I will describe some reasons why a child might misbehave and then discuss a simple method to assist in dealing with whatever your child might ‘throw at you’ (only metaphorically I hope).

Parenting Children: What to Do When Your 6-8 Year Old Wants to Sleep In Your Bed

You’ve finally mastered the art of helping your preschooler get to sleep – and stay asleep- in their own bed. So when your first or second grader suddenly begins asking to sleep with you, you may find yourself asking in shock, “Didn’t I do this already?!” Here are some tips you can use to help your child settle down in their own bed.

How To Become A More Successful Single Parent

It can be challenging being a parent full stop, but if you are single and have a child or more to deal with, you might find yourself in more stress than ever. Read this article to get tips on being a single successful parent.

Let’s Play!

Other parents are blinded by thinking that material things are enough for their kids. The truth is kids need emotional stability and happiness not just purely material things. Remember that providing for your kids is not everything. You must deal with their emotional, social, intellectual and physical development. Of course this is not easy because there are a lot of factors you need to think of but with love, patience and time, your kids will grow right.

How to Get Your Unmotivated Teenager to Improve in School and Get a Part Time Job

Raising teenagers has never been easy, and now you are tasked with the all-important job of parenting teens of your own. If your teenage kids are less motivated than you would like them to be, and if you think it is time for them to make some changes, you’re not alone. One of the biggest problems parents of teens face is how to get unmotivated teenagers to do well in school, and another problem is that of convincing those same kids that they ought to look for a part time job.

Parenting Support – How to Help Your Children Prevent Mental Illnesses

You will be able to help your children stop being influenced by their negative wild side. Your children will have the chance to completely eliminate their evil anti-conscience before becoming victims of depression or neurosis. After these initial mental illnesses, there are many worse ones. Depression and neurosis are only the beginning of chaotic conditions. We live in a crazy world. There are many dangers threatening our peace of mind and happiness.

Advantages of a Travel System for Your Child

There are few things in life more gratifying to the soul than making your new born child smile. To grab their attention and see their face glow with joy strikes at the core of our hearts with tender love and fills us with an almost inexpressible delight. When we travel from place to place with our children we often times miss such encouraging moments. Perhaps our heads are turned or our attention is directed elsewhere, but whatever the cause may be, once those moments with our children pass there is no going back in time to capture them.

Help Your Child With Math: Improve Math Skills Using Dominos, Checkers, and Dice

There is a strong link between visual input and math comprehension. Elementary school students who miss out on the eye-brain-number connection may have trouble in math class. This can be remedied at-home by play-types of activities. Help your child at math with these simple yet fun math game-types of activities.

Take Your Parenting to the Next Level

Attunement involves learning how to read the child’s intentions and messages beyond words. It is a sensitive responsiveness to the child’s cues. Look at your child’s screams and winces as the calling for help.

Funny Faces That Make Babies Laugh

Calming down an upset baby can be difficult for people who haven’t been around babies too long. If you are looking for a way to make your baby laugh, consider doing some funny faces and read our tips for great silly faces!

Life Skills For Teenagers

How to transfer parenting strategies into life skills for your teenager? Whether you like it or not the parenting strategies that you use will reflect on how your teenager handles life in the world outside the home. So we need to ensure that what we do helps prepare our teenagers for adulthood. There are certain life skills that will ease that transition from teenager to adulthood.

Food Allergies = Overprotective Parent-Crazy Mama? Ok, Maybe I Am

What parent doesn’t worry? If you have a child with life-threatening allergies, you might worry more than most. When is your display of concern for your allergic child a protective necessity, and at what point do you become another crazy, overprotective parent?

Top 5 Essential Items for a New Baby

Being pregnant is both exciting and stressful, especially for a first-time mother. There are tons of questions and, even worse, many conflicting answers. Everyone knows they need to ready their home for an infant but many disagree on what getting ready means.

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