Kitchen Table STEAM

Music Theory for Kids

Music Theory for Kids

Teaching Children to Tell the Truth – A 4 Point Plan For Success

Teaching children to tell the truth is a vital and ongoing lifestyle process in a family. Make the process easier by using this 4 point plan in your homelife.

Activities For Stranger Danger – Teach Your Kids How to Deal With Strangers

Nowadays, parents can’t be too careful when it comes to keeping their children safe in a world fraught with danger. With kidnappers coming up with more innovative and clever ways to get children within their reach, teaching stranger danger to children may ultimately be one of the most important lessons they will ever learn.

Kids and Parents Talking About the Facts of Life

When parents decide to talk to their kids about ‘the facts of life’ it usually leads into one of those embarrassing situations (from the children’s point of view) where parents feel it’s their duty to make sure their children know how a baby is made. The true irony is that how babies are made is only a tiny part of the real ‘facts of life’. We seem to forget that there are many more important facts that children need to know about life. The first of these is health.

Let’s Put a Stop to Cyberbullying and Protect Our Children

Many kids today think that cyberbullying is no big deal or they do not realize that they are cyberbullying. Our children are being hurt both physically and emotionally because of these reckless actions. It is time that these reckless actions are brought into everyone’s awareness and it’s time to put an end to cyberbullying once and for all.

Things to Do With Your Daughter

It is sometimes not easy to slow down from our busy lives to figure out what would be a fun day of activities with our kids. It may be particularly difficult for fathers to figure out what to do with their daughters. Well it is pretty easy to ask them but sometimes they don’t know either and you end up just hanging out, which by the way, is not bad at all either as long as they are getting your full attention. The goal is to build your relationship with your daughter and to build a bridge between the two of you at a young age. This “bridge” can stand for a long time and can be used as a foundation of support for her in later years.

Teen Boot Camps and Military Schools

Teens of today are becoming more and more defiant. Many parents have made the decision to send them a behavioral Boot Camp.

Keys to the Car?

Excited about driving his friends to school for the first time, Mike took the back road to pick up Josh and Sam. The road was narrow with loose gravel. The bends were tight and steep pitched.

Emotionally Abusing Your Kids

In 2005, the most recent year for which the U.S. government has figures, 12.1 of every 1,000 American children, almost 900,000 in all, suffered abuse by adults, with parents of victims accounting for almost 80 percent of the abusers. Herbert Ward once said, ‘Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime’. It certainly does.

5 Steps to Building a Happy (And Healthy) Family

Once you’ve decided have children, being a good parent becomes the single most important part of your life. As a parent, you’re shaping a human being and everything you do will now have a direct impact on your children.

Positive Parenting – How it Benefits You and Your Kids

Today’s new age parents are appearing to be advocates of non-physical punishment but rather, people who take the time to explain the deed, why it’s wrong and let the kids go scot free. Such parenting even has a term for it. It is known as positive parenting. What exactly is positive parenting? Does it really help? What kind of methods and situations does positive parenting aid in?

Role Model Parents For Healthy Kids

Do you encourage your child to make healthy food choices? Do you eat healthy foods yourself? Are you a good role model when it comes to healthy eating habits? Kids are humans…they will usually eat and want what they see YOU eating on a daily basis.

Creating a Breakthrough – Case Example of Family Counseling

At the beginning of family therapy, things often seem very different than they are. This is the case in the following example.

Bedtime Drama – Toddler Bed & Kids Sleep Problems

Our active, energetic children often resist the rest time period, whether it is naptime or bedtime they may turn it into a chase time, crying time, tantrum time or may be read another time to avoid the dreaded bed. Stand firm with your child, stick to a time you have set for your child to rest, you may need to help your child wind down before naptime or bedtime and perhaps a short story or may be a gentle massage to help relax the unwilling at sleep time.

Computer Illiterate Parents and Internet Safety

These day’s parents have to worry about their children’s on-line activity constantly. Never knowing when or where they will meet an on-line predator. Today on the news you hear about teenagers who have run away to meet people they met on-line and some are even being abducted.

Why Your Child is a Bully and What You Can Do About It!

Much is being said about victims of childhood bullying. Significant measures are being taken in schools to help out the victims. How about the other half of the equation? For bullying to stop, shouldn’t we also consider the bullies?