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MY FIRST ANTE-NATAL CLINIC – How was it this time around??? #121

MY FIRST ANTE-NATAL CLINIC - How was it this time around??? #121

Using Home Drug Tests – Can a Home Drug Test Kit Get Activated by Second-Hand Smoke?

When kids fail their home drug tests, many try to use the “second hand smoke” excuse to get out of trouble. Is it a legitimate excuse?

Stop Kids From Being Lost Or Kidnapped!

One of a parent’s greatest fears is having a young child become lost or kidnapped. We have all had that “gut wrenching” fear of being distracted for a second at a mall, park or on a busy street; looking down and realizing that the young child next to us has disappeared. This happened to me when my now 34 year old was just a little girl.

The Requirements of an International Adoption

According to an international adoption, a child is from a different country and parents belong to a different country. Each and every country has its own rules and regulation regarding the adoption of the child.

Get Your Child Gardening With an Outdoor Playhouse

If your child has an outdoor playhouse and enjoys gardening, then you can combine the two loves. Your child will be able to plan and plant their own garden. It will be the best experience for your child; their very own garden!

Stressed Out Kids – Why Children Are More Stressed Than Ever and What You Can Do to Help

Childhood has changed. Kids are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before. Here are five ways to help your kids minimize and deal with stress.

Advice on Parenting – 11 Useful Tips For Young Parents

Want Advice on Parenting? There are many ways through which you can explain and justify proper parenting. Experts believe that most of the parents do right things at the right moments when parenting comes their way. Learn how to become good parents, this articles is all about parenting and how can you become parents.

Teach Your Baby Math – How to Make it Fun!

The easiest way to teach your baby math is by making it fun. If you think about it, whenever kids are doing anything that is fun that is when they are learning the most so we must ensure that we keep it fun. How do you teach and have fun at the same time? Below, are some tips that will help you so continue reading my friends.

Child Support Agency (CSA) Advice

Going through any relationship break-up is always difficult, but when children are involved the problems intensify. Anger, frustration, mistrust and a myriad of other emotions all combine, usually affecting the children more than anyone else.

Do You Have to Buy Books Pertaining to Parenting?

Nurturing a young child doesn’t come with a manual. Time goes by so quickly: one day, you are getting married; before you know it, you’ve turned into a mum or dad. Practically nothing in your life would’ve equipped you for parenting.

Family Media Literacy – A Necessary Literacy For the Digital Age

The average child in the US watches television at least four hours per day, choosing to spend more time with a flat, two-dimensional surface than time with parents or peers. The average preschooler sees over 10,000 violent acts per year, priming misbehavior and depression.

DTD – A New and Important Development in the World of Challenging Children

For too long many emotionally disturbed Challenging Children have had no appropriate diagnosis to serve them, resulting in much confusion among therapists and others. The new diagnosis called Developmental Trauma Disorder or DTD may have solved that problem describing specific kinds of events and behaviors which taken together describe the suffering of many Challenging Children.

How Single Mothers Can Handle Their Children

Being a single mother is tough work, especially for your children. The psychological and emotional aftermath of a divorce or separation can really make your children sad and even distant. You can prevent this by doing simple tasks.

Developing Your Child’s Sense of Confidence

Children possess a delicate mind and are fast learners. They learn from the surroundings they live in. So if you are planning to help them build their positive attitude towards life and self worth, then you need to show them your positive side and self worth.

Want Your Child to Sleep All Night Long? – Learn This Magic Method Today

For all those nights and days when you’re at your wits end trying to find relief on how to get your child to sleep all night long or how to reassure your child, this is for you! Why do children dislike separating from parents at bed time and what can you do to help them feel settled? You need your sleep as much as they do and here are some proven methods that will help you reassure your child easily and bring you peace of mind.

Is it Ever Okay to Date Your Friend’s Ex?

When, if ever, is it okay for you or your teenager to date a friend’s ex? It’s a hot topic right up until adulthood.

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