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MY HOSPITAL CHOICE FOR DELIVERY – When is the right time? #123

MY HOSPITAL CHOICE FOR DELIVERY - When is the right time?  #123

5 Tips to Provide Help For Parents of Teenagers

Teenager is a stage in an individual where he is in the process of becoming independent. As a parent the whole situation is very confusing as you will come across many instances of identity clashes and losing control over your teenager child. This is a stage where perseverance and lots of patient is the need of an hour.

10 Things You Should Expect From a Child Care Center

The optimal place to leave your child while you must be away each day should live up to your expectations. Let’s look at what parents should expect from their day care provider or child care center.

Finding the Best Childcare Resources

Childcare resources can be hard to find. As a parent, the health and well-being of your children is always your top priority. However, with an ongoing and often prohibitive expense like childcare, money is also an issue in almost all instances.

Growing As a Parent As Your Child Grows

The old axiom “being a parent doesn’t come with instructions”, has rung true since time immemorial. Essentially, no person is certified by any means, to become a mother or father, then all of a sudden – they are.

The Best Survival Tips For Crying Babies

Welcoming a new baby into your life often comes with a fair amount of trepidation and anxiety. There is often a phase of excitement, coupled with a little apprehension of what lies ahead. More often than not, most parents wish that the babies actually came with some form instruction book.

The Things You Should Understand Regarding Parenting Seminars

Most dads and mums will concur that taking care of a tot has its own set of difficulties. When young ones get a little older, their brains develop faster and their behavior could change. Mothers and fathers would need some guidance and learning resources for coping with these shifts; attending child-rearing classes could be very helpful. This short article presents details on how parenting classes can aid stressed mums and dads and offer them the tips they need to manage their tykes.

The Idiot Box, Mrs Chuckolovich and Your Child’s Imagination

In the 1950’s and 1960’s there was no such thing as a couch potato. Television viewing was not an all day event. Children were not placed in front of a television as if it was their robotic nanny. I remember playing and pretending during my early years before I started school. I cannot remember my play items at home, but I remember the set-up at each of my grandmother’s houses.

What Good Parents Know That Bad Parents Don’t – The Yes Response

Good parents, in contrast to bad parents, build their communication with children on requests. Good parents ask, not demand. Good parents know what is happening in the child’s soul when they ask, and that they must be consistent with their requests. What else do good parents know about requests?

The Top 8 Survival Tips For Parents With Babies in Hospital

While your baby is in hospital you will probably feel that she belongs to the doctors and nurses more than she does to you because they can help the little one and you can’t. However, this is a common misconception and it is specifically at these times that baby needs you more than ever. In fact, the baby needs to hear your voice and feel your touch and love more than anything.

Should My 11 Year Old Be Allowed on Facebook?

Do you really think an 11 year old should be allowed to be your friend on Facebook? Even aside from the fact that nasty people troll for kids on social media sites, there’s the added deterrent of having them see images of you not at your best. A little parenting reminder for everyone; you can’t un-see something once you’ve seen it!

Daycare Certification Beyond – What to Look For in a Childcare Center

Checking to ensure a childcare facility has the legal daycare certification and license is only the starting point when searching for affordable, high quality childcare. The decision to place your child in daycare is usually one done out of necessity, not will.

3 Ways That Toddler Riding Toys Will Benefit Your Child

As a parent you will soon discover that when it comes to toddler riding toys each one has been developed to ensure that they take into account every child’s unique way of learning. They are also designed in such a way to take into account what stage of development each child is at. Although children may be of the same age the rate at which they develop may vary quite dramatically.

How to Childproof Your Home

There are lots of potential dangers in the house that can attract a toddler’s attention. This guide will make you aware of this and take necessary action.

The Sun is Out, So is School – Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Keeping your kids out of harm’s way over the summer is one of the primary concerns of parents everywhere. And yes, you guessed it, I am going to suggest that you teach your kids how to dance. And here is why:

How to Discipline Your Child and Raise Them Well

We all know that as children are growing they are bound to make mistakes. While some behavioural patterns of theirs would be good, the others would need correction at the right time. None of the parents like to scold their children frequently. So, how to discipline your child with scolding him or hitting him?

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