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MY PREGNANCY CRAVINGS – I eat too much? #124

MY PREGNANCY CRAVINGS - I eat too much?  #124

Preparing For New Baby’s Arrival

There has been immeasurable and limitless debates made over the issue that what is right and perfect time to prepare for your new baby’s arrival. However, the preparation techniques and approaches are generally the same.

The Importance of Spending Time With Your Children

Do you catch yourself saying, “not now” or “I don’t have time” to your children more than you would like? It’s very important that you take the time to spend with your children, and here are some simple ways that you can do this.

Kids and Anxiety – Is Your Child at Risk?

Every parent has to deal with kids and anxiety. We want our kids to grow up happy, yet we know they have to learn to deal with difficult situations. When is anxiety too much?

Correcting Bad Child Behavior

Are you looking for approaches on how to correct your child’s bad behavior? To change your kid’s behavior, it will require you to implement new strategies to keep his attention and compliance.

Has Your Teenage Daughter Become the Target of a Cyber Stalker?

Teenage girls are ideal targets for a cyber stalker to constantly harass them and send inappropriate email messages. Turning to someone who can perform a reverse email trace can identify a suspected cyber stalker and make the World Wide Web safer for your children.

Tips For Parenting Difficult Children – Ways of Reaching Their Attention in the Midst of Disobeying

To reach a child who is all caught up in being bad and doing something they know they are not supposed to and, Surprise! Suddenly there you are. The element of surprise should be used to its fullest. These tips for Parenting difficult children use a new approach to bad behavior.

Parenting – A Two Person Job

Many think that parenting is an easy job. I say job because it is a job! And it is a 24/7 commitment 365 days it is for a lifetime.

The Why Trap – What Parents Should Know and Avoid

Parents, above all others, shouldn’t let their guards down when it comes to disciplining their kids. It’s normal for parents to think that they are being helpful and that they mean the best for their kids but that doesn’t mean that they should stop being on the lookout for possible disciplining errors like setting up the Why Trap.

Poor Problem Solving Skills in Children Lead to Low Self-Esteem

Children do not cultivate bad, obnoxious, abusive or inappropriate behavior because of having low self-esteem. On the contrary, children with behavioral problems and poor problem solving skills actually develop or cause low self-esteem development.

Is Your Child Ready For a Summer Overnight Camp?

Summer overnight camp is a big step for your child – and you. How can you tell if your kid is ready for an overnight camp? Here are some tips to judge you kid’s readiness for sleepaway camp.

Step Parent – 5 Easy Steps to Be Successful, Even Being a Step Parent

As a parent the feelings of fear, worry and hope are very obvious for your children; the same feeling are encountered when you are a parent, however to be a step parent is much more difficult than being a parent. Reasons for this are many but here are very important 5 steps to be successful even being a step parent. This is what you can do to have long lasting relationship with your children.

Understanding Your Colic Baby Symptoms

One of the many things parents fear with a newborn is the bouts of endless crying, especially when attempts to console the baby just don’t seem to work. Understanding what your baby’s needs are will surely help in this situation, however distinguishing between bouts of crying and a condition known as colic are two separate situations in themselves, the latter being the subject of this article and the one parents must be the most concerned with.

Child-Rearing Ideas For Small Children

Having children is an extremely satisfying experience. But it is also an overwhelming role. Toddlers must have constant understanding and discipline. This short article presents a few parenting solutions that can help you get through difficult times.

How to Prepare a Safe and Clean House For Your New Baby

Preparing for a new addition to your family is a process both necessary and intensive. You must install child locks on the cabinet doors, put hazardous materials out of reach, paint and furnish the nursery, all the while with an ever-expanding waistline for mom!

Why Parents Need to Find Time to Help Their Kids Read

There are a number of reasons many children don’t get taught how to learn but the one reason that always seems to pop up is “not having the time”. Is this true or is it just an easy way out of helping your children to learn at an early age?

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