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How to Select Suitable Children’s DVDs

Research has proven that children are influenced by what they hear and see on TV and in movies. So, how do you ensure your children are watching something suitable?

Teach Your Baby Math – IQ Has Nothing to Do With It!

You can teach your baby math with no problem. So many people say that your baby has to be a certain age to learn or there are people who say they have to have a high IQ in order to learn. That is all a bunch of baloney!

Are You a High Hopes Parent? How Your Positive Thinking Affects Your Child

The new research on positive psychology shows how critical an optimistic attitude can be in conveying positive expectations to children. This article gives parents important pointers for staying hopeful in uncertain and stressful times.

Introduce Healthy Play Practices to Your Child

The world today is a competitive place. Every adult knows the day to day stress of surviving another day in the rat race.

Part-Time Parenting With a Full Time Heart – Having Fun While Getting Exercise

If you have a child or children then you know that as much fun as it is to sit and watch TV all day, play on the computer or electronics you really need to get out and do something physically. Especially if your child has health issues, like type 1 diabetes, that require a certain amount of time daily spent exercising. However, if you have a child like I do, it can get challenging to motivate him/her to do physical activities.

Babysitters – Younger or Older?

There are so many factors to consider when finding a babysitter. It can get overwhelming to keep them all in order. For my family, we broke them down into steps and then listed the pros and cons of them all. Having them written down in front of us helped us to make sure we weren’t missing anything. Deciding on what age and maturity we wanted in a sitter was a little challenging for us.

More About Rhythm

This article details more creative learning experiences related to a child’s awareness of rhythm. This understanding helps language and reading skills.

Be Comfortable With Your Babysitter

Trust and honesty plays a big part when having a babysitter. For the most part, they are sharing in the growth and development of our children. I know for me it would be hard to leave my three little girls with someone I couldn’t depend on.

Missing Children’s Day – Take 25

Take 25 is a program developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to encourage parents to take 25 minutes to talk to their children about safety. The article gives tips for parents and leads for information on safety.

Rainy Day Fun

Outdoor fun is hard to beat but Mother Nature has to water her flowers sometimes too. What’s a parent to do when the rainy day blues start to set in? Buddy-Notes has complied a list of fun activities for those pesky rainy days. Hopefully this list will give you a few ideas.

Why Use Internet Parental Controls?

Allowing your children unmonitored access to the content on the internet is like dropping them off in the middle of a big city alone and with no guidelines. Would you ever consider doing that with your teenager, let alone a young child?

Have More Than One Babysitter

There are a lot of things that go on in a person’s life. Whether we like it or not, it happens to our babysitters as well. This can put a big damper in our lives also.

How Parents Can Keep Their Nannies Happy

Nannies who feel overworked and unappreciated usually don’t last. It is important to have consistent and reliable childcare as constant change can be very stressful and difficult for your family — especially your children. Because of this, it is often worthwhile to make an effort to address any reasonable concerns your nanny may have and make an attempt to find solutions.

Teach Your Baby Math – Is an Acceleration Program Worth It?

How does a teach your baby math program have to do with an accelerated program? Once, your child learns math they can go on to an more in depth program to will benefit them even more. A great example of this is the story of Ruth Lawrence.

Parenting Lessons From the Movie Blind Side

The movie Blind Side is an inspirational true story about a family who adopt a child who had more going against him then going for him in life. The adoptive family provide the child with love, nurturing, and support. The child transform from being barley literate with a 0.6 GPA to having a 2.56 GPA and receiving a full scholarship to a major university and then playing professional football. This article pulls from the movie parenting lessons and positive role modeling for parents to follow. Support and engage your child in community, religious, and school activities.

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