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My Webinar

The Role of Play in Children’s Learning

Play time university? A child does not need to learn to play, but he does need to play to learn. From the earliest age, children are fascinated by the world around them and they desire to interact with it as much as possible.

10 Ways to Sabotage Effective Family Meetings

Meetings often reflect the culture of the organization or group that runs them. If you are in a laidback family then my bet is that the meetings will be laidback and relaxed too. If you are a highly-organised, routine-driven family then your meetings will tend to be that way too. So while we try to follow a general meeting structure their application should vary to suit your family style.

The Importance of Losing For Children

Every child loves to win. But losing is an important part of a child’s development too. We must know how to use this aspect to the advantage of good parenting skills.

Choosing the Most Suitable School Activity For Your Child

This article will be useful to readers who have been through the education system in Singapore. It talks about the choices available for our local students other than academics.

Organic Food For Our Children?

Organic food is thought to be a healthy choice for everyone. Shall we do the same by giving our kids organic food. Lets discuss this in layman’s terms.

Methods to Improve Child – Parent Relationships

Some parents realized that they have an invisible barrier when communicating with their child. Rest assure, they are not alone. Lets take a closer look at how to improve the relationship of the child and parent to another level.

Keeping a Portfolio For Your Child

Documenting our child’s progress is a good way of encouraging way of showing your child that he or she is appreciated. It also serves as a good form of memory storage in many years to come.

Going Green With Your Child!

Rapid industrialization has led to numerous environmental problems on our Earth. Global warming, animals becoming endangered, air and water pollution are just some of the few threats to mankind.

How TV Affects Children

The effects of TV has been widely debated in every part of the world. Good or bad, necessary or unavoidable? We are discussing this issue in greater depths and perspectives.

Caffeine For Your Young Ones?

Adults have been taking caffeine in their daily life. Shall we allow our kids to take caffeine or other related food and nutrition with caffeine? We look at the effects of caffeine in greater depth here.

When Her Best Isn’t Good Enough

My teenage daughter said something to me the other day, that caught me a little off guard. She said “my best isn’t good enough.” It’s a little out of character for her and caught me by surprise. This is a happy, confident kid whose had straight A’s since kindergarten, had plenty of friends, and for the most part has been a thoughtful and caring sister and daughter.

“Parent Your Children” – 6 Ways to Terrific Parenting

Parenting is the most difficult job you will ever face. Trial and error is inevitable when taking care of children. No child is the same and so all children must be treated differently. There are many ways to be a terrific parent, here are just a few.

Teens – A Challenge

Teenagers are a challenge. They turn from a happy child to an angry stranger right before your eyes, although it’s often so sudden you never see it happen. One moment they’re asking you for a story and the next they’re asking you to leave. These developmental years can are likely to be difficult for the both of you, yet there are a few things that you can do to make the rough ride a little smoother.

No Time? Good News For Parents!

Here’s 3 quick and easy tips for busy parents. If you feel that there isn’t enough time in the day to be the kind of parent you want to be, then Vicki will share with you 3 things you can do that don’t take any time but will revolutionize the way you parent and the way your children respond to you.

Reading and Tutoring – The Promise of Reading Aloud to Your Child

Did you know that in your home there exists a hidden gift that will guarantee your child’s vocabulary and language development? Fortunately, many parents across the nation are choosing to give the gift of their TIME to their children by reading aloud to them every day.

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