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New House Review by 1year old

New House Review by 1year old

Toddler Discipline – 5 Steps to Better Toddler Behaviour

Many parents find toddler discipline rather difficult. So this article considers five aspects of toddler discipline that have proven to be very effective in helping to develop a healthy relationship and strengthen the bond between toddler and parent.

Baby Acne – What Can You Do About It?

Chances are, you’ve seen this on your baby – tiny red spots with whiteheads in the middle. It looks almost like the acne you see on teenagers and adults, and it is, in fact, very similar.

Potty Training Without Potty Training

Potty training, after teething, ranks as some parents’ worst nightmares when it comes to important baby milestones. While the idea of not having to buy or wash another diaper is an appealing one, coping with accidents, or children afraid of or unwilling to use a training toilet can be frustrating.

How to Live in the Light

As you watch your children grow and mature you may think you have a problem because of your lack of experience as a parent. In fact, you may often feel you are lost and walking through a dark tunnel filled with parental confusion.

Habits of Highly Effective Parents

Parenting is one task for which no parent is required to undergo a training program or even read through a manual for what can be the most important task of our lives. This article will briefly mention habits or rules or guidelines related to dealing with your child in order to become a highly effective parent.

Children and Charity: A Lesson Well Learned

Giving is an important part of life. When children learn this at a young age, it will stay with them and be part of their adult life as well.

Is A Baby Having Gay Parents Really Such An Issue?

Unless you’ve been living at the back of a cave for the last few weeks, you’ll be more than aware that music legend Elton John and his partner David Furnish have welcomed their first son into the world by way of a surrogate mother. Known to the world as being somewhat of a diva and once publicly announcing that he didn’t think he was the fatherly type, in a recent interview, he explained that most of the press have been particularly happy about his and David’s decision to become parents, putting to one side the old point of view…

Women Can Now Effectively Freeze Their Eggs For Use In Later Years – Medical Marvel Or Selfish Act?

As much as the whole process of starting a family and becoming pregnant can initially be as relaxed and as stress fee as the prospective parents want it to be, a woman’s biological clock is constantly ticking. Looking at research carried out by the American National Institute of Ageing and the National Institute of Mental Health, the perfect time for a woman to become pregnant is when she’s 34, as the survey of 3,000 women suggested that women of this age are healthier than women who are over a decade younger. Something that plays on even the most…

How Much Of An Affecting Factor Is Wealth Compared To Health When Becoming A Dad?

When looking at the fertility of men and women, the general understanding is that women have the best chance of becoming pregnant before they’re 35, whilst men can easily father a child until much later in their life – a man’s sperm does decrease in quality the older he gets, but generally speaking, it shouldn’t be an issue until long after a woman reaches the menopause. Although this is the case, for a man to father a baby when he’s approaching or after retirement age is looked upon as being strange and unusual and why when male celebrities become…

Should Fathers Be Given A Greater Amount Of Paternity Leave?

As most people are aware, when a woman becomes pregnant and they’re in a relationship, it’s traditionally the woman who takes time off once the baby is born (or starting just before the birth), a period of leave that’s known as maternity leave. At present, mothers in the UK are allowed to take one year off as maternity leave and be paid at least 90% of their salary for the first six months and an agreed sum thereafter, assuming that they’ve been employed with the same employer for 26 weeks at 15 weeks before they are due to give…

Do You Know What To Do If Your Baby Is Choking?

One of the most worrying scenarios that any parent can think of is if they’re baby begins to choke. It could be on anything from a piece of food that’s too big or part of a toy that they’ve managed to get loose and put in their mouth, but whatever it is, if your baby is choking and struggling to breathe, it can be an extremely worrying time. Whilst you can’t completely prevent your little one from choking unless you’re literally stood over them 24 hours a day, what you can do is ensure that you know what…

How Much Of An Impact Does Music Have On Your Newborn?

It was recently reported in several media outlets that Elton John and David Furnish have bought their new born son Zachary an iPod full of their favourite music. Funny to hear at first and not the greatest of presents if they were thinking of having Zachary use the earphones, the idea of introducing a newborn baby to music is far from being a bad idea – and in some parents would actually say that introducing your little one to music when they’re a newborn is starting late. There have been numerous different studies into the effect music has…

Help For Troubled Teenagers Who Want To Quit School

Finding help for troubled teenagers who are considering quitting school can be complex and challenging. If you have a teen who is struggling with school then you have had your share of frustrating moments. A teenager who has quit trying to perform academically is not only affecting himself but those around him in a negative way. Read on for ways to encourage your troubled teen to move forward.

Sending Your Child to University

There comes a time in every parent’s life when it is time to pack up the car, head out to the motorway and take your child to university. This is a very important, emotional and trying time for many people as it is the most obvious sign that your kid has truly grown up. There are lots of ways to get through this task, but just to be helpful here are three things that will help you get through this time.

Baby Education Videos – Worth the Investment?

Baby education videos have caught on in a big way in recent years. From a wide variety of publishers, in a wide variety of titles, DVDs promising to help give your baby a head start in education with bright colors, shapes, and music are all being heavily promoted as a fantastic way to help entertain your child while she learns.

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