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Number Strips Puzzle

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The Number Strips Puzzle asks: Can you rearrange the order of the seven strips so that each row contains a correct mathematical statement? Note that the strips containing operators can be inverted if necessary.

I found this number strips puzzle in Ivan Moscovich’s The Big Book of Brain Games. This book weighs several pounds and is chock-full of SO many puzzles that can be used with students! Used copies are available from Amazon for relatively cheap.

I typed up the number and operation strips on two different colors of paper.

I printed them, laminated them, and attached magnets to the back of each piece. This way, students can move the pieces around on the dry erase board as they solve the puzzle.

I use ceramic disc magnets with all of my puzzles that I buy in bulk from Amazon. They are reasonably priced and strong to hold things up without them sliding down the dry erase board. I’m getting close to finishing up my 2nd box of 200 magnets, so to say that I love these magnets is an understatement.

These are the operator strips that can be inverted if necessary in order to solve the number strips puzzle.

Free Download of Number Strips Puzzle

Number Strips – Instructions (PDF) (524 downloads)

Number Strips – Strips (PDF) (516 downloads)

Number Strips (Editable Publisher Files ZIP) (129 downloads)

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