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Orange pudding with 3ingredients

Orange pudding with 3ingredients

Effective Ways to Discipline Loud Children

Children normally inherit the traits of their parents. And so a loud parent can be sure to produce a loud child.

Parental Behavior Plays A Crucial Role in Student Success

We constantly debate about what is wrong with our schools. The phrase “No Child Left Behind” has become a part of our national vocabulary, while Republicans and Democrats bring up issues like vouchers, testing and funding. But as a nation, we have yet to create a dialogue or vocabulary to address the other half of the issue that is contributing to the failure of our public education system.

Why Do Athletes Cheat?

Cheating has been going on since the caveman. Whether its in sports, politics or life cheating is a human behavior that is not going away all too soon.

Are You Trying To Reason With Your Toddler?

Reasoning with your toddler can be a frustrating endeavor. There’s a perfectly good reason for this.

Teaching Assistant – The Perfect Job For A Mum

Being a busy Mum can sometimes mean that you cannot work as well despite wanting to. Luckily, there are jobs that Mums can do without impacting too much on the time they need to spend with their children. Top of this list is the job of teaching assistant.

Are You Getting Ready To Get Ready?

A few years ago when my colleague’s daughter was three she suddenly fell and scraped her knee. As a concerned parent, Dad checked the knee out, found it was just a scratch/bruise and encouraged her to continue playing. However, she had a different plan.

What Is the REAL Purpose of Being a Parent?

If I asked you, “What is the main purpose of a parent?” I’d probably get the following responses: 1. To be their child’s guide in life…

5 Tips To Help Your Girl Survive Change

So many of the girls I see are in a state of flux. School is boring and they can’t wait until recess. They’re in sixth grade and are dreaming of the days they become an eighth grader.

What’s Art Got To Do With It?

As an art therapist I integrate creative problem solving skills, writing, story telling, photography and more to help support and engage the tweens and teens I work with in a playful and meaningful way. We embark upon this journey together, as a team, and as a result: 1. The art serves as a simple tool to better connect.

How to Do Nanny Background Checks

Deciding to employ a nanny is a big step for any family and choosing a nanny placement agency is a daunting task for most parents. Knowing which services you want and which are on offer are important parts of choosing a nanny placement agency so here are 10 tips to help you make that decision.

Effective Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

Is your home ready for your new baby? Kids can be a handful so why not read this article and find out what you can do to your home now to make sure your house is ready for them.

Christian Adoption Agencies – Services and Guidelines

Adoption has long been one of the greatest gestures of humanity and acceptance of the fact that we all are God’s children. At the same time, bringing a waiting child not only gives the child a loving and caring family, it also completes the family in a way which is simply unparalleled.

Teach Your Child to Swim in 5 Easy Steps

So the summers have begun and school vacations have started. You decide to teach your child to swim by enrolling your child in swimming lessons. Better still, you decide to teach your child how to swim yourself. Let’s get you started with some easy to follow steps.

Health Guards for Babies

Various diseases can only be prevented by balanced diet and moderate exercises in daily life. Balanced diet is composed of various foods. These foods like yogurt, millet and tomato can protect the health of children like guards.

Teaching Our Kids Independence – And Then Learning It From Them!

Today, my daughter returned a present to me which I had given her years ago, when she was really little. I have been visiting her in Brazil, for the last week and for several reasons, until today, she had not wanted to leave my side for more than a minute. Part of it was the sweetness of being together again and part of it was a newly grown protective streak.

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