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Parent Support When You Need It Most. Welcome to Hand in Hand.

Parent Support When You Need It Most. Welcome to Hand in Hand.

10 Parenting Tips From a Toddler

Struggling to keep up with your toddler? Use these 10 parenting tips to help tame your toddler’s world and soothe your own.

Child Friendly Vaccination Schedule That May Decrease Your Child’s Chances of Autism

This article is for parents of infants who are concerned about the vaccine-autism connection. This child friendly vaccine schedule from Generation Rescue will help decrease your child’s chances not only of autism but other neurological disorders. Since autism is a life long neurological disorder prevention is worth whatever inconvenience or cost is incurred by parents!

Teaching Phonics to Children

There are many different types of teaching phonics based curriculums, but the best ones are those that use both spoken and written components. The number one step in teaching phonics to a child is to make sure that you are moving at a pace that your child can keep up with.

Creating Smart Rich Kids Today – Get Your Kids Into a Learning State of Focused Concentration Part 2

Do you want to discover a secret about learning that will make time go faster when your children are learning, have everything they learn be more fun and also be easier to learn? You will when you read this article. However, don’t use this learning strategy unless you want your children to learn more, in less time and with less effort.

Brad and Angelina As Parents – What They Are Doing Right

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lead amazing lives and have countless resources to draw upon, it’s true, but they are doing something extremely important on a regular basis that many people ignore. We see pictures of Brad and Maddox spending a day together, and Angelina out holding Zahara or Shiloh and think, “Oh, how sweet.”

Eldest Child Syndrome – Are You What Your Parents Have Made You?

Do you have a people pleaser personality? Have you ever been in a situation where you begin to wonder whether other people’s expectations of you exceed your ability or willingness to deliver? Do you – if you are a firstborn child – adhere to certain characteristics? Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Freud and Jung, argued that the way in which each of us tackles the major aspects of life – friendship, love and work – is greatly influenced by our birth order in the family. I suspect that the whole eldest child syndrome is, actually, the result of how firstborns in the family are treated, and what expectations are made of them.

Good Parenting in 3 Easy Steps

The hardest and most essential job that almost everybody will face is none other than parenting. Despite its difficulty, you are not required to have a special certificate or license to perform the job. In fact, you do not even need any specialized training; neither is there a 24 by 7 hotline to assist you when you face problems.

Toy Gun Safety For Children

There is a bit of a controversy over children playing with toys guns. This articles talks about ways to safely allow your child to play with a toy gun.

Playing House With Your Kids

You can play with your kids using their kitchen sets and other toys and help them learn. It is easy to teach children about responsible housekeeping when you make it fun.

How to Choose a Safe Toy

This article talks about how to minimize hazard when buying toys. It also explains hazards to packages can cause for small children.

Parenting the Teenager

Parenting the teenager is not an easy task for most parents. It takes a lot of patience, determination and creativity. There may no magic spell to change how teens act, but you can change them through learning several approaches on how to deal with kids. When applied, you will be surprised at how good the results will be.

Having Children Help With Laundry

This article offers many ideas on having children help with the laundry. Even young children can help sort and pour. By the time children are in high school, they should be able to do all of the laundry themselves.

Getting More Cooperation From Kids

‘Obey your elders’ was something many of us as kids were constantly reminded about. The concept of obedience belongs to a bygone era when kids were seen and not heard and respect was hierarchical (‘respect you elders’) rather than mutual (‘we respect each other’). Obedience has been replaced by the concept of ‘cooperation’. The following article looks at strategies for getting your children to cooperate with you – which is perhaps one of the biggest challenge for many parents.

Important Guidelines For Children When Playing Online Games

Because children like to play a lot of games on the Internet, there is a greater chance for them to encounter strangers on the Internet because many online predators are lurking in chat rooms for the game. Children have other important things to do such as work for school, chores in the house which they prefer to delay because they want to play more and more games.

College Inflation Doubles That of General Inflation – What is a Parent to Do?

Education becomes more important, and more expensive, with each passing year. What’s a parent to do? Thankfully there are many options available that can make college more accessible. In this article we highlight some of the various plans available to help parents prepare for the burden of college expenses.