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Making Lasting Memories With Family Summer Fun

Having fun as a family is vital to creating strong family bonds that will last forever. Here are a few great ideas for the summer that will help you create lasting memories as a family.

Free Activities to Do With Your Kids

As a parent I know only too well the cost incurred with having kids. When my husband and I decided that I would stay at home to raise my kids, there were many sacrifices we had to make. However; I looked at the value I was getting by staying home.

What Kind of Child Are You Raising? Butter or Wood?

Do you know her? The mum who feels that her child must be the one with the latest electronic gadget and a nanny to lift each foot. Her child does not do chores because she is too young and besides there is a housekeeper for that. Her child does not get disciplined because mum thinks it might bring psychological harm. Discipline at the most is 2 minutes naughty corner facing the wall (while still being able to watch television). As the child gets older discipline is being threatened to fly in economy versus first class. This is the raising of a full Ajebutter.

The Seeds We Sow

What kind of seeds are you sowing inside of your children’s soul? How do you know that your children will blossom and grow in your love? When is it time to sit back and watch your children bloom and grow?

When Your Parent Is Your Nanny

Choosing childcare is one of the most critical decisions in your child’s life. Parents are given the opportunity to have a grandparent care for their child. You can work together to create a safe, loving environment for the child.

Creating Safety for Children Results in Whole People

Recently I received some follow up correspondence from a man and his wife that I’ve been coaching for a while. The conversation was noteworthy because it indicated a continuing effort on their part to internalize specific teachings and practices, which is a very positive indicator for growth and development. I liked the content enough it just seemed natural to share it.

10 Prayers For My Daughter

As a parent one of the best and most important things that we can do for our children is to cover them daily in prayer. I think we need to take it one step further and become prayer warriors on their behalf by simply praying for them everyday. In my bible study time today I decided that I wanted to make a short list of prayers to pray everyday for my daughter so that I don’t forget to cover each area that I feel is most important and I thought I would share those with you. I have put together 10 simple little prayers to pray over your daughters each day. (This could easily be adapted for sons as well!)

Self Care for Parents and Professionals

I agree that self-care is easier said than done, but it’s essential nonetheless. There’s a reason the airlines tell us to put on our own oxygen masks first, before we help anyone else with theirs.

Dangerous Apps Your Kids May Have Access To – Stay In The Know

Much like internet usage should be monitored, smartphone applications should be regularly monitored. Children can be using many different pages and applications without anyone being the wiser, and there are serious dangers abound within InternetLand.

I’m Not Sorry!

Teaching your children about apologizing. When is the word sorry enough, or is it enough? Should we have to apologize for an action which was an accident, or is sorry enough when an action was deliberate?

Should We Let the Wheel Chair Be The Hindrance?

Special kids require special activities that can help them enhance their cognitive and physical well being. Unfortunately, most parents are not aware of the activities that can be of great help for their child who requires extra attention. Technological advancements have introduced us to myriad play structures that not only help children with special needs enjoy themselves on the playgrounds, but also help them enlighten themselves. However, simple playground activities beat the modern play structures when it comes to total recreation.

Spring Break Is Just Around the Corner – Be Prepared

Just as everything has gotten back to normal after the holidays we find ourselves facing Spring Break. This annual event can cause havoc for childcare arrangements, budgets, work schedules, and a consistent routine for your child.

Ask Your Pediatrician – Unexpected Household Toxins Affect Children

As your pediatrician can tell you, not all dangerous chemicals at home are ones you’d expect. Keep these unusual threats in mind when child-proofing a house, and be wary of any other suspect sources as well.

Giving Kids the Opportunity to Succeed

What can parents do in order to help their kids be successful? Parents can have a long-term perspective. This means that there will be moments when a child does not get their homework turned in, or even moments when a child fails a class. I have worked with parents specifically to support them through the anxiety that they feel as they stand back and watch their child fail a class.

Pizza Buffets, Rides and Other Great Ideas for Dads and Kids

Dads can be great fun. They are physical enough for sports and can make the fixing of a bike chain an interesting experience. When mom says no dad usually, with some arm-twisting, says yes to everything from swimming in the lake to an afternoon at a pizza buffet. When it comes to activities, dads are game for just about anything, especially if it will put a smile on their kid’s face. Here are a few ideas for dads and kids you might not have thought of.

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