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Patterns for Kids

Patterns for Kids

6 Ways Coaching Parents Increase Their Child’s Personal Safety

Over all coaching is a fantastic way for any concerned adult to assist any young person in improving an identified set of skills. These skills can cover a wide range of topics, such as sports, self improvement, study skills, or personal interaction. It involves verbal discussions, physical demonstrations/activities combined in regularly scheduled and impromptu sessions.

Attention Parents – ‘Credit’ is Not a 4-letter Word

Parents: Get your kids on a credit system now, especially ADHD/challenging children, when the stakes aren’t bankruptcy and foreclosure, and watch their math skills, reasoning ability and personal responsibility compound daily. This story chronicles the results of credit systems for two families.

Teaching Teens to Save Money – 2 Easy Ways

Nowadays, having teenagers is the biggest problem to parents especially when we as a parents dealing with teenagers that can easily spend the money that given by our hard work success. My article will give you deep thinking information about how you can teach your teens to save money.

Placement As an Option For Dealing With Troubled Teens – The Beginning

When parents deal with teenagers who are acting out and getting into serious trouble, they often find the situation spiraling out of control. The child often finds that they can escalate the defiance, anger, and manipulation to continue to control the situation. The child can escalate to truly dangerous and frightening levels. To get back in control of the situation parents sometimes have to resort to placing their children in a boarding school designed to help troubled teens. This decision to place is truly a frightening one.

Troubled Teen Placement Options

In the last 10 years, boarding schools for troubled teens have become much more accepted than in the decades prior. In the 60’s and 70’s when a youth was defiant or out of control, he was usually forced into the military, or sent to reform school. In the 90’s the troubled teen industry has flourished and so have the problems associated with the rapid growth of any field.

Animal Marionettes and Hand Puppets Help Get Proper Attention From Your Child

Hand puppets have been enticing children for as long as we can all remember. A small child’s face will light up when they see the puppet talking to them as they believe that magic is happening. Puppets are great tool for parents to use to help their children learn valuable lessons. A child will be more apt to sit and listen to a puppet has to say, versus what a parent has to say.

What Happened to Study Skills?

Why is it that kids don’t know how to study? Why is this bypassed by education? How can we remedy this? Just very basic study skills would allow kids to enjoy their free time fully and use their work time efficiently.

Teach Your Kids to Face Responsibility For Their Actions

Kids are champions at coming up with excuses and playing the victim, but it takes them no-where. Only when they know how to take responsibility do they go forward in their life.

Parents Should Access Criminal Records

As a parent, you should put priority for your children’s safety. Especially as you work on a fulltime job for their future, you should be sure that they will be safe even at home when you leave them there.

Preparing to Move? What about the Kids?

How do you handle a move when you have children? How old do they need to be to help with packing? How do you get oriented to a new town? Find out how to have a smoother transition…

Multitasking and Your Child’s Safety

So you’re a proud mom (again) and have recovered from your child birth very quickly. Those last few days of your pregnancy and these first few days back in the house has practically left you well behind your housekeeping. Trying your best to get your footing back with the housework with the new baby in the house can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t want to leave your baby’s side; never wanting to miss feeding your new born or being out of earshot when the little one cries.

Bedtime, Grownup Time

Are your kids staying up too late? Night-time is for grown-ups. Here are some tips on how to take back your evening…

Of Loving and Affectionate Children

I am sure you want your children to be loving and affectionate. I am sure you want your children to grow up to be good citizens. This requires you to be loving and affectionate to them.

“Raising Smart Rich Kids- 4 More Vital Steps to Prepare Your Child For Success & Happiness.”(Part 2)

Don’t use these 4 more vital steps unless you want to prepare your child for a life of abundance, success and happiness. When you read this article and put the steps into action, then they will benefit greatly, won’t they?

“Raising Smart Rich Kids – 3 Vital Steps to Prepare Your Child For Success and Happiness!” (Part 1)

Don’t use these 3 vital steps unless you want to prepare your child for a life of success and happiness. If you do, then you will want to read this article and put the steps into action. Won’t you?