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Patty’s talks about the parent’s role in combatting racism

Patty's talks about the parent's role in combatting racism

Teaching Our Children About Respect

Let’s be frank – preschoolers aren’t exactly models of respectful behaviour all the time and it can often seem as if little ones at this age are at their most trying.  But don’t despair – teaching children respect is a process that can be put in place from a very young age and may not be as trying as it seems.  

Teaching Your Child Honesty – How To Deal With A Lying Child

Bringing up children is a tricky business and when they lie you need to know how to approach them. Here is some advice.

Communicating With Your Child – Tips For Effective Parent-Child Communication

Often while bringing up children we do not know what is the correct method of ensuring that our child inherits good communication skills. Read this article to get an idea on this.

Parenting – Three Spiritual Steps to Calming Your Child’s Bedtime Fears

How often do you hear “I can’t fall asleep” or “I’m scared” from your children at bedtime? Wouldn’t you love to have some solid techniques for dealing with your child’s nightly bedtime fears, so that they can fall asleep peacefully? Here are 3 easy techniques you can use to ease your child’s fears and foster peace at bedtime.

Your Child’s Emotional Well Being – How To Ensure It

So often do we get caught up in the rigmarole of our hectic and busy lives with our jobs and our families, that we easily forget one of the most important aspects of our child’s life – his or her emotional well-being. The most critical times in a child’s life are the first three years. In this critical phase, constantly switching providers of childcare or having a ‘part time’ parent come irregularly in their lives can be extremely destabilizing and traumatic for the child.

Bringing Up Your Child – Collaborating With Your Partner

It is vital that parents present a unified front when dealing with their child. Read this article to know why.

Positive Disciplining – How To Discipline Your Children Without Hurting Them

Children need to be taught the difference between right and wrong and often parents rely on punishments to teach this. Here is a little advice on how to discipline your child without being hurtful.

Parenting – Your Child is Watching You

It is very important to be wary of our behavior when around our kids. Read this article to know more.

Physical Punishment is Punishable – Bringing Up Your Child

Physical punishment is not an appropriate method of disciplining one’s child. Read this article to know the horrors of physical abuse.

How To Modify Parenting Techniques As Your Child Grows

As a child grows, it is important to change our parenting skills accordingly. Each child requires a system that caters to their individuality and as parents it is important to recognize and adapt to this. Here is some advice.

Your Child’s Self-Esteem – They Are Worth It

It is very important to instill a sense of self worth and esteem in your child. Read this article to find out how.

Rules for Adolescents – What is Negotiable and What is Not

There are some rules that can be bent sometimes while there are some that should never be broken when it comes to your child. Read this article to learn more.

Answering Children’s Questions – How Parents Can Survive This Challenge

Young children and teenagers are very often asking questions and pointing out flaws in our judgment. It is all a process of growth and here are some ways of dealing with it.

Talking to Our Children – Getting it Right

When discussing problems with our children, it is necessary to have the right approach. Read this article to find out more.

Utilizing Time Out Method – Great Way To Discipline Your Misbehaving Child

This method applies punishment and doses of positive reinforcement to discourage wayward behavior. It gives your child time to internalize the limits of unacceptable behavior.