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Passive Parenting – Key to Resolving Sibling Rivalry

Parents with more than one child know that tattling can be an annoying part of childhood. Sibling rivalry can make kids bicker and tell on one another about the most minor of infractions. One way to deal with tattling is the passive parenting method.

Build Your Daughter’s Self Esteem – Dads Do Influence Their Daughters

Dads we do have a strong influence on our daughters. Girls who get on well with their dad tend to develop physically later on, while those with an absent father experience puberty prematurely. But it’s not all a matter of hormones: her appearance can be affected too. A father who denies the physical changes in his teenage daughter or who asks her to dress in a less provocative manner might inhibit the future sexuality of his child.

Types of Children’s Literature

Children’s literature has been around for ages. This type of literature is usually chosen by the parents, but some kids choose their own books to read. Most of them contain illustrations and are pretty straight forward. In the past years, children literature had become famous amongst book readers and today there are many types of children’s literature ranging from picture books to bestsellers that have also come to be loved by adults. They can be classified into different categories.

Most Complete Way to Protest Your Children Online and Why You Need to Know Where They’re Going

It’s your right to protect your children from online predators. Arm yourself with knowledge to smooth this rough process.

Learning Disability Testing and Cure – Have You Tried Vision Remedy?

Being a parent who has paid his dues working tough to assist this toddler dealing with learning or behavior disorders, I know how it can think being handed options of treatment that you’ll be able to never realize correctly, and that no one has the time to explain. It feels like there is certainly little you’ll be able to do short of just standing by and watching as your child’s struggles, and teachers secretly seem to blame the toddler for his troubles.

Discover New Ways to Motivate Your Children to Learn

Read up on the latest research on how to motivate your child to succeed academically. Parents are using outdated techniques that can negatively impact even the best student’s efforts to learn. Discover practical, easy ways to improve your child’s ability to perform in school.

You Can Teach Your Children to Respect You

“Kids these days are so disrespectful!” is a common complaint. Many parents and teachers throw up their hands in exasperation, not knowing what to do. Don’t worry, there is a simple, practical way to teach our children to be more respectful.

Parenting – About Internal Discipline and Good Punishment (Part 2)

Many experts advise parents to give consequences to discipline a child, where, by consequences they mean good punishment. The goal of this punishment is to teach a child to avoid undesirable behavior by fearing the consequences of the behavior. Relying on the consequences to teach lessons may work. Parents may achieve instant obedience. But is it really worth it?

Discipline Kids – How Are You Feeling Today?

Sometime parents run out of ideas to discipline kids. As parents, we forget most of what we know is effective during the instance a child misbehaves. Here are several ideas for you to consider when you discipline kids. One of my parenting goals was to give my children both roots and wings. You get roots with limits, boundaries set in live. You get wings from listening and respecting.

US Parents Outraged at Russian Adoption Scandal

Moms and dads across the country are now looking for ways to tell the world that they are thrilled with the children they adopted from the former Soviet Union. They’re banding together to ask Russia to stop punishing the thousands of childless couples in line, just waiting to bring their new son or daughter home, and lift the ban on U.S.

Where Do Babies Come From? The World According to Mom

No question causes lips to flap and tongues to wag more than the disarming question, “Mommy, where do babies come from?” Where indeed!

Traveling With Twins – How to Have a Smooth Trip

Twins bring an entirely new dynamic to life and while having two babies in the house is a little more work, it means double the joy. However, traveling with newborns needs to be planned carefully to ensure the trip goes smoothly.

Twins – The First Year is an Adventure

If you are having twins, one thing you can count on is that the first year of life is going to be quite the ride, a real adventure. While parenting a single child is challenging enough, parenting twins involves an entirely new set of circumstances.

Don’t Throw Away! Recycle Children’s Toys

So your child has outgrown his toys. There just doesn’t seem to be enough space in his room for his birthday gift toys. How about the basement or attic? Is there space there to pack up and store his toys? Rather than going the “hoarders” route or the “wasteful throw it away” path, consider some of these recycling options.

Don’t Confuse Indiscriminate Praise With Unconditional Love

Many parents believe, as do I, that parenting with large doses of unconditional love creates a warm supportive relationship wherein a child can learn to thrive and grow as a person. The problem as I see it is that many parents confuse indiscriminate praise with this unconditional love.

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