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Perri Ford: Helping your athlete with mental performance coaching

Perri Ford: Helping your athlete with mental performance coaching

How Important is Our Childhood When it Comes to Our Adult Relationships?

The first 3 years of our life are the most important when it comes to our emotional state, our mental ability, our adult complexities; if we are made to feel important, if we are nurtured correctly, if our environment is stable, if our caregivers love us unconditionally, then we are more likely to be a confident and happy adult. If we are given emotional support in our first 3 years, then we are able to overcome most issues we face, no matter how horrific, in the following years of our childhood and our adulthood.

Tantrum, Not Listening

On occasion lately, my 5-year-old “angel” drags her feet when I ask her to dress and come downstairs for school. She whines and throws an “age appropriate” tantrum. Under these circumstances, she ignores my plea that “the Governor of the state of Nebraska requires children to be on time for school, so get moving now!” During these dark moods, unless I help dress her, hold her hand, and take her to the breakfast table, my little sweetie’s tushy won’t budge.

What to Avoid Doing With Your School Going Kids

AVOID asking them school related or homework related issues the moment they reach home. Allow them time to unwind. Instead, ask them over and share with them your ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ for the day. Encourage them to share theirs too!

How to Protect Your Kids From Internet Harassment

Using a desktop has it’s advantage as it is not as portable as a laptop. Hence, you can place it in an open space. This will enable you to keep an eye on what’s going on.

What to Cook For Dinner? – 2 Easy Ideas to Make This Fun!

The time is 5 o’clock and your stomach clenches – What to make for dinner is the question racing through your mind. You know you want to prepare healthy meals for your family, but you’re tired and you don’t have all the ingredients for your favorite “go to” recipe so you pull out the frozen pizza instead. There are two fantastic and fun ways you can use to solve this ever arising problem.

Child Development Made Simple

As a parent we all want what is best for our children and as a result we find ways to best equip them with the skills they need to succeed in life. Regardless of your child’s age, all parents want to help their children to reach developmental milestones. Whether it be fine or gross motor skills or speech and language development, there are several activities and ways a parent can encourage their child’s development.

Get the TV Out of Your Children’s Bedrooms

Children who watch too much television may end up with emotional and physical problems. In addition to being exposed to violence, profanity and other adult situations, children are also constantly bombarded by drug ads, alcohol ads and marketing ploys.

How to Make the Most of Single Parenting?

If one is a single earner as well as parent then he has to face many challenges. By getting married, couples makes it more easier for them to understand the exact situation and they can understand their duties of parenting better then others. The single parent must face all the challenges himself/herself. You will see that out of men and women, although it is the women that are raising their young children alone mainly, fathers are out there doing the same. Frequently said mother often has no higher education, possibly even a high school diploma.

How to Tell a Bedtime Story and Create Special Memories

Of all of the special memories I have of my father, the most precious ones are the many years in which he told me a story every single night after I got settled into bed and almost ready for sleep. He created an entire world in which the main characters were a lion and a bear cub. Since they were young, they had a lot to learn (a lot like the little boy who listened raptly to each story).

Helping Your Child’s 1st Day Jitters With Books

Starting school for the first time can be a scary experience for a child. Finding a good children’s book talking about a child’s first day of school and all the experiences that he/she has can really take away a lot of the anxiety.

Single Parenting – A Tough Choice

Single parenting, although a tough choice, is becoming a popular lifestyle for many adults today. While it is by choice, many who make that decision do so as an alternative to a worse consequence.

Could This Be Your Kid If You Taught Them About Money Early in Life?

Sometimes as parents when we think of teaching kids about money we look for the traditional routes. However genius often gets wrapped in non-traditional packages. When you look at your kids what do you see? Read this story about someone I’m sure you’ve heard of.

Talking to Your Teenager About Avoiding Halloween Pranks

The air is getting colder and the leaves are starting to fall. The crisp crunch of leaves under your feet mean just one thing: Halloween is nearly here. Halloween is just around the corner, and while your teen might feel like he or she is too old to trick or treat, there are plenty of temptations besides candy that might cause your teen some trouble on spook night.

Have a Better Relationship With Your Teen – 5 Keys to Succeed

If you’ve seen any amount of television or movies in your lifetime, you know how Hollywood depicts the typical parent-teen relationship. Usually mom and dad are the village idiots and the teenagers are disrespectful, sullen and withdrawn.

Teach Your Kids About Money Now!

All parents will agree that teaching your kids how to be responsible with money is one of the best and most important life lessons you can give them. The sooner you start to do it the better is the advice of most experts.