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Potato fries|French Fries|Finger Chips|IFB microwave convection oven

Potato fries|French Fries|Finger Chips|IFB microwave convection oven

What to Look For in a Math Tutor

There are almost as many reasons to get a tutor as there are math students. If your child has been ill or for any other reason is falling behind or your child’s teacher suggests hiring a tutor because of observed weaknesses, gaps in knowledge, or learned mistakes, DO NOT HESITATE! Ask the math department chairperson for suggestions, check with the counseling department, and/or have your child ask at school. If one person seems to stand out above the others, interview this person right away. If you have several candidates, try to interview them all within a short period of time. While getting started with a tutor quickly is important, do not skip the interview. You are looking for specific attitudes and knowledge to best help your child.

Is Your Child Being Bullied? Here’s What You Can Do To Help

Does your child know what to do if they are bullied? Do you know what to do to help them? It is a proven fact that acting in an assertive manner will lessen a child’s chances of becoming the victim of a bully. Using these few simple techniques you can help your child resist and overcome the detrimental actions of a bully both in school and out in the community.

XP Keylogging – The Easy Way To Spying On PC Activity

We reveal the post powerful way you can spy on a spy. Even the most novice of PC users can benefit from keylogger software as it will provide the most detailed and reliable results regarding the exposure of activity on your PC.

Single Parent – Getting Dad Through The First Weekend With The Kids

Once the dust has settled and the divorce papers signed, chances are you are ready to start enforcing your visitation rights, and are getting ready for that first weekend with the kids. This will be your first solo attempt at being with the kids on your own, and most likely you are a little apprehensive.

Parents – The Benefits Of Letting Your Children Make Decisions

The ordinary hustle-bustle of modern life is made far more complicated by an inability to make sensible decisions. Children need to learn how to make their own decisions and the consequences that their decisions carry.

Teaching Our Kids To Be Non-Judgmental

We all want to raise loving, kind kids. But being judgmental seems to be part of human nature. In this article I give some practical ideas for teaching our kids to be non-judgmental.

Tips on Bullies and Friend Divorce

I remember the day like it was yesterday, I even remember what I was wearing (!). One day I was best friends with her and the next day it was as if I never existed.

Can You Do This?

Family fitness isn’t just about cardio and strength, but building pride about our amazing bodies and physical skills. Here’s a fun family activity that we stumbled upon one Sunday afternoon.

How to Have a Worry-Free Family Trip

Holidays should be a time for the family to enjoy themselves but all too often they are spoiled because of thoughtlessness or ignorance. Most of us go on holidays to do something different from our daily routine and sometimes these events impose danger if you’re not well prepared.

The Language of Youth

Who owns language? Recently, I breezed into a gathering of 18-26 year olds and – in a moment of misplaced exuberance, bellowed out, “Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Boy, do I wish I hadn’t.

Child Proofing Your Abode

Few kids will reach adult stage without bruises and bumps. Children’s behavior, wobbled coordination, and non-stop curiosity for the world around them will ensure markets for kiddy designed bandages and create a constant “Remember when…” stories for family reunions. But not all kid’s accidents are a laugh-about-it-later variety. some got injuries serious enough to require medical attention. Almost emergencies in the hospitals are accident-related and they occur mostly at home. Keeping your child from accidents calls for an ounce of prevention, a few pounds of education and pounds of supervision. The parents should know how to make their houses safe and know how to teach kids to be aware of the dangers and to be careful on some things in the house. It takes a cautious parent to make a safe home. Prevention often simply involves careful planning of your living to reduce the risk of accidents.

3 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Looking for some fun indoor activities for kids that won’t leave your house in shambles? Try these 3 favorites out…

Rock Climbing Revelations

Family fitness activities provide all kinds of opportunities to learn and grown… and not just for the kids. At about forty feet up, clinging to the hand-holds, I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I really want to do this rock-climbing thing.”

Goal-Setting For Kids

Goal-setting for kids is often lost in the new year’s goal-setting frenzy. But it can be just as important to them. Here’s a great way to do it…

Parenting 101 – A Guide for Parents Who Want to Raise Amazing Adults!

Parents naturally want the best for our children, and when we give them our best, they grow into amazing adults. My passion for parenting my children paid off for me in gold, and today I am blessed to have three fabulous adults. I believe that with a lot of love, a strong desire, and total commitment, you can raise your children to be amazing adults too.

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