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Behavior Problems of Some Young People of Today

Regardless of what country you reside in, the basis for education of our young is ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do.’ Good, caring, loving situations are in short supply and screening of care providers is not always as good as it should be.

How to Utilize Parental Discipline – Positive Attitudes and Responsible Rewarding Changes Behavior

Parental behavior must change before their children’s behavior is most likely to change, and parents must become disciplined parents before their children develop self discipline and self control. Parenting is naturally problematic and almost always requires patience and a certain amount of depth of understanding.

What is Bed Wetting and What Causes It?

Bed wetting, also known as Enuresis in the medical world, is a common problem that exists more than you might know. It happens with both adults and children behind closed doors because it is often seen as an embarrassing thing and people feel very alone with it. With children it is a developmental stage that is often outgrown although it can occur at different ages with each child.

Child-Proofing Your Home

Whether you are expecting your first child, beginning an at-home daycare service, or simply having young relatives over to visit, it is important to make sure your home is safe. Toddlers and small children are highly curious people who do not always understand how dangerous certain situations can be.

How to Spot and Stop Children Yeast Infection Symptoms

You know how painful and distressing Candida can be for us adults so imagine how it would feel if you were a child experiencing the same thing? Most young kids do not know how to describe what they are feeling so here’s a quick guide to spotting children yeast infection symptoms and what’s more how to cure them for good!

What Are Common Bed Wetting Symptoms?

Bed wetting is something that really doesn’t need a diagnosis because the result is a wet bed due to urinating during the night. Close to eighty percent of people who wet the bed do not have any additional symptoms besides wetting the bed. It can be hard to find out exactly why the bed wetting is occurring if no symptoms are present.

Boot Camp For Boys – Is it the Answer?

Many parents work so hard to give their children the best of everything. But once the children become teenagers they rebel and go right off the rails. Is sending your troubled teenage son to a boot camp for boys the right thing to do?

Does Your Teen Need to Go to Boot Camp?

Who’d be a parent today? Teenagers can be just the most difficult of human beings. Of course that’s not true of all kids as many teens do their parents proud and turn out as capable and decent adults.

Top 3 Bed Wetting Medications

Bed wetting is a problem that millions of people have to deal with on a daily basis. Both children and adults experience the problem and may experience shame or embarrassment when dealing with the issues. Bed wetting is different between children and adults.

How Your Teen Can Survive a Boot Camp

Do not send your teen to boot camp unprepared. As the parent, it is highly likely you will be paying for the stay. As a loving parent you will want the time at camp to be a success.

5 Tips to Enjoy Restaurants With Your Kids

You usually treat your kids in restaurants and of course you want to make the most out of those moments. For you to enjoy your time with your kids, here are the tips that can help you.

Shaped by a Child

Often children see life more clearly than grown-ups do. For adults, life is often viewed with all the fuzzy edges that experience, disappointments and living have wrapped around their outlook. But if we really listen to the children in our lives, we will realize that they often ‘get it’ before we do.

Motivating Your Unmotivated Teenager – Three Essential Qualities For Parents

Motivation of teenagers is all about relationship. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a relationship with your teenagers that is truly motivational, not confrontational, dictatorial, or authoritarian. The three essential qualities of that relationship are cooperation, elicitation, and empathy.

How to Help Your Bed Wetting Child Avoid Embarrassment During a Sleepover?

If your child is one of the many who suffer from bed wetting then being invited to a sleep over may be a nightmare. Your child wants to have fun with their friends and spend some time with them but they may be hindered by the fact that they wet the bed. It is an embarrassing thing to admit for children that they have problems holding their bladder during their night.

Parenting – It’s Easier Than You Think

Parenting is the most challenging and most rewarding job in existence. With training, education, love and support you can turn it into a very doable task.

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