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Pulinchikka/Irumbanpuli/Bilimbi/Orkapuli Achar|pickleപുളിഞ്ചിക്ക/ഇരുമ്പൻപുളി /ഓർക്കപുളി / കോയക്കപുളി

Pulinchikka/Irumbanpuli/Bilimbi/Orkapuli Achar|pickleപുളിഞ്ചിക്ക/ഇരുമ്പൻപുളി /ഓർക്കപുളി / കോയക്കപുളി

The Importance Of Love And Discipline When Raising A Child

What’s the most important thing you can give your child? Most of us know it’s LOVE! But do you know what the second most important thing is?

Why Kids Over Generalize

Why, oh why do kids over generalize? (1) To get their way now or in the future. (2) As a way of justifying what they want or what occurred. (3) To gain sympathy. Learn more in the article.

How to Raise Kids With Good Self-Esteem

Every parent wants their children to feel good about themselves. There is a good reason for that; most psychological problems in adult life stem from a lack of good self-esteem. Here is a story from my own life that shows what kind of parenting is needed to build good self-esteem in children.

The Love Month

While February is the month we think of for romantic love with all its symbols. There is another kind of love, the love we have for our children. This love can become sidetracked by too many material symbols rather than love as a verb.

Toddler Tantrums – Dealing With It!

Every household that has a child has dealt with toddler tantrums. They get chalked up to many things. Growing pains, toddler hitting, terrible twos, behavioral problems, etc, ect. Your child’s behavior is manageable!!! Believe it or NOT!

The Winter of Our Discontent: Parenting Difficult Children

Nature reminds us that underneath the cold winter ground new life is waiting to be born. So it is with difficult children. One needs to look for evidence in small shifts and behavioral changes that spring is on the way.

Single Parenting – How Friends Can Help

Being a single parent is hard for many reasons. Unfortunately, most single parents are young and they become parents before they have the opportunity to understand the position that they are putting themselves in. As young adults, this is the time of their life when they should be exploring new things and be out and around.

Backyard Fun Is More Than a Swing Set

Today’s swing sets seem to emphasize size and features, supporting the American consumer’s assumption that more and bigger equals better. People are beginning to realize smaller homes that are more functional can lead to a better lifestyle, one where you spend time enjoying life rather than taking care of all your possessions. Applying these new priorities to what our children need, we see outdoor play environments that support lots of physical activity without a lot of rules, allow children to stretch their imaginations and build skills through social interaction with their friends. When we’re able to step back and recognize that children learn best through free play and discovery, it’s easy to recognize that swing set size and features aren’t terribly important to your children.

Fighting and Children – Don’t Blend!

Little people quickly feel overwhelmed when more powerful bigger people lose control emotionally. The fury of rage can leave a scornful mark of nervous hopelessness on the child affected. The trouble is, for all adults, we’re back into our threatened ‘child states’ in a flash. As soon as our emotions twist their way over, in, and through our hearts, we find it a big challenge to resume proper perspective.

Kids and Funerals: A Parenting Guide to Handling Issues of Death and Mourning

Death happens. Teaching our children about death and grieving is hard, scary, overwhelming. Handling death and comforting those that are grieving are important life skills. Dr Gilboa offers suggestions about involving children in these rituals and answers some common questions parents have.

Single Parents And The Value Of Both Parents Raising A Child

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world. There is nothing that can prepare you for the enormity of this job. Even pregnancy doesn’t prepare you for the weight of responsibility that you feel when you hold your baby for the first time.

Guilt and the Unsuccessful Child

Children are sensitive souls who look to the people in their world for recognition, acceptance, love and support. They absorb all that they come into contact with and this can define their way of valuing themselves and others. They initially look to others to appreciate their talents. If that is not forthcoming then they can feel a failure.

Parenting Tips – How to Raise a Healthy Teen

Keeping your teenager healthy in a world of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, can be a real challenge. Even sexual activity may be evident in your teen’s life. You may find yourself worrying all the time trying to keep her or him healthy. Teenagers are constantly facing changes in their lives, and will try to go it alone to solve their problems. This is where you come in as a parent, learning how to raise a healthy teen.

Guilt and the Single Parent

Single parents have many logistical and practical concerns before they can even start to consider the reality of raising children. Managing children and a household in order to provide a safe, loving environment brings its own issues and concerns. The guilt is often enormous.

We Hope You Lose Tomorrow, Daddy

These were the words of the daughters of Paul Collingwood, the England cricket player. They said this to him just before the England vs. West Indies do or die encounter as they want their daddy to “come back home” as soon as possible.

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