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Push and Pull for Kids

Push and Pull for Kids

Help! My Child is a Brat!

Permissive parenting can lead to bratty, demanding children. Learn ways to nip this behavior in the bud, and begin to develop quality, healthy relationships with your children.

Teaching Children About Money Begins at Home

Parents need to take the lead on educating their children about money at home, instead of waiting for this important education to come from the schools. What you teach your children about money now will greatly influence their financial decisions later in life.

Parenting Your Pre-Teen – 7 Things to Avoid

Your pre-teen is on the verge of becoming a full-blown teenager so part of them is hanging on to their childhood and the other part of them is being lured by the teenage world. Some of you may already be experiencing the “You know nothing, I know everything” phase. They are becoming more independent and some will want more independence than they’re ready for. It’s important we keep in mind that we are still in charge and they aren’t yet teens. There are a few things to consciously avoid.

Child Development – 7 Ways by Playing

Playing is essential for child development. It is important for parents to be involved and to understand the ways that children are learning and growing as they play.

Teenage Prostitution – A Serious Issue in the United States

The exploitation of teenagers (particularly teenage girls) in the United States is a growing problem. Teenage girls are at risk to be recruited into prostitution by savvy pimps who are able to pick up on their vulnerabilities. This is a real issue which is not specific to any class, religion, area of the country or racial demographic. It is a scary issue and important for every parent to know about.

Are You Estranged From a Child?

Parent’s and their children sometimes let life situations strain and interfere with their relationships. As a parent, how do you balance your life and beliefs with your estranged children? How do you keep the door open for a meaningful relationship when you aren’t in agreement with someone else’s decisions?

Teenage Emotions – How to Manage Them When They Are Strong

The emotions of teenagers can be very strong and unpredictable. Unfortunately, parents are often on the receiving end of these strong emotions. This articles offers some suggestions to parents who are struggling to help their teenager better manage their strong emotions.

Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching your kid about money is like investing in your future, it’s a secret of making your child a millionaire at an early age. Some parent find it difficult to talk to their child about money or feel it’s not important, why some parent think it’s not ideal to talk about money to their child at an early age. Below are simple steps to follow.

Parenting Teenage Girls – Challenges Parents Face

This article offers guidance to parents who are struggling with effectively parenting their teenage daughter. Adolescence is a time that can be filled with strong emotions and significant changes which can be very stressful for both teens and their parents. This articles clarifies some of what is happening during this time and offers suggestions to parents who are struggling with their teenage daughters.

Parenting Your Teenage Son

This article examines changes and concerns parents experience with teenage sons. The article describes normal development versus areas of concern as well as offers suggestions for parents experiencing stress during this difficult time.

Teenage Depression – Information For Parents

Some statistics show that four out of every 100 teenagers experience some sort of serious depression each year. Most individuals who experience some form of depression can be helped with treatment. The difference between depression and normal sadness is usually related to the strength of the feeling as well as the persistence of the feeling.

Tricks For Delightful Dining With Toddlers

Rise above the crowd, and actually ENJOY dining out with your two year old. Discover how to create “Terriffic Two’s and Three’s” at the dinner table and never have to pull out your hair while watching your child throw a temper tantrum or pitch a fit in front of guests or other patrons. Learn to take charge of your parenting issues ahead of time, strategize your goals, and put a solid plan into action.

How to Host Book Clubs For Boys

Books and Boys are at times as difficult to mix as oil and vinegar. Studies have shown that there is a real crisis with Boys and Reading. In a survey conducted by the Young Adult Library Services Association back in 2001 boys listed their top obstacles to reader were; boring, no fun, no time or too busy, they would rather do something else, couldn’t get into the stories, and some admitted they just weren’t good at it. Some parents are tackling these obstacles by hosting Boys book clubs. Action oriented book clubs that embrace the energy of boys while helping them connect to books.

What Can We Learn From National Child Abuse Statistics?

What is the sex education debate really about? There is much in the news today about what and when children should be taught about sex. I would propose that we are losing sight of the difference between teaching about the “sexual experience” and its repercussions, and the concept of “good touch/bad touch” which can help children know when they are being abused. In the meantime children are being abused and exploited, mostly by people they know, and many of whom are the ones who should be teaching them about this very topic.

Ideas For Sharing Stories With Children

This two-part article discusses the ways in which stories and storytelling play an important role in children’s lives. Techniques are offered for using stories to help develop children’s verbal skills and imaginations. This is part one.