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The Things You Need to Know Regarding ADHD in Little Children

For parents who suspect their son or daughter of having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you can expect to identify a number of symptoms. Vital information regarding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will certainly come in handy for dads and moms or surrogates when their young child starts to present certain behaviours. Listed in this article are the prevalent signs and symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in young children.

How to Stop Child Bed Wetting – Simple Tips That Work

As a parent how many times have you found your little one standing in his cot complaining about being wet? This article talks about simple steps on how to stop child bed wetting. It is estimated that approximately 20% of children up to the age of 7 wet their bed. Like us adults they of course do not have the self conscious control of their bladder.

Ideas to Help Your Child Conserve Water

With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, it is the perfect time to emphasize to your children the importance of water and responsible conservation techniques. Here are some practical ideas that might help your child be more receptive to conserving water.

Spying on Your Teen in the Text Generation

Technology that has driven a wedge between parent and teen has at the same time provided parents with tools they can use to keep tabs on their troubled teens. Today’s parent, whether worried about their teen’s well being or just plain nosy, can use software to track their child’s every move, keystroke, and Facebook post.

Parenting Tips – You Set the Rules

The next parenting tip I have for you is that you set the rules. You as the parent should have free reign to “set the rules” of your household and family. After all, this is in keeping with how the real world works.

Not Listening – Why Don’t They Listen to You? The Problems With Counting 1-2-3

Do your kids wait until you count to three before they do as you ask? Does their teacher give them to the count of 3?

6 Advices to Parent an Anxious Child

All children are different and they apprehend the world at a different pace. Some of them don’t always feel very comfortable or confident in themselves and feel anxious about some situations. Before I give you advices to help them feel less anxious, I want you to know that even if anxious children need an extra attention, be careful not to be over protective with them. Labeling them is the best way to make them fit that label as they grow up!

Support For Your Teenager – Relationships Are the Key to Recovery

Parenting a child through addiction is hard work. When you find a counselor to guide your teenager and your family toward recovery, it’s a relief to realize you’re not handling this on your own anymore. Now you have help-your counselor, support groups, an AA sponsor. But you still have a key role to play in supporting your child’s recovery.

Can a Parent Make Discipline Positive? How to Discipline Aggressive Misbehavior

How parents can make discipline positive sounds like a magic trick or something right? The truth is you do not have to use punishment to apply discipline. Also, how to discipline aggressive misbehavior will be addressed here in this little article.

Parenting – Creating Family Unity

In today’s society family unity is more important than ever. By creating a strong family bond you create a safe and comfortable place that your family will love.

The Wise Use of Time in Our Family Life

To the mind of a parent and grandparent nothing is ever as important as family. In our deliberate use of time we must give absolute priority to that spent with the children and young people we are entrusted to care for. We have worked out how to prioritize our day according to appointments, work and chores but what about our families?

7 Tips For Good Parenting

There are no shortcuts to good parenting; you cannot become a good parent by following a few hard and fast rules. Parenting is an art, and it cannot be bound within a formula.

Tips For Parents With Children Already Having Pre Marital Sex

So here is the scene. Last night all your suspicions came true. You actually caught your child having sex. After the initial blow up, what is a parent to do? Learn what the RIGHT thing is to do, in this monumental situation.

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers is full of challenges and using respectful communication skills can make a big difference. It can either be one of the best or the worst jobs in the world. Teaching them responsibility is one of the most difficult parenting tasks.

Single Parenting – Simple Tips For Keeping a Home Safe

It is harder to keep a home safe for those live as single parents rather than married person who live together with their partners in one house. Besides being responsible for whole things inside the house, single parenting is also more prone to crimes since they don’t have partner to guard them in their own homes.

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