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REAL TALK: My Work From Home Routine with 2 Kids // balancing a marriage, home, kids, & YouTube!

REAL TALK: My Work From Home Routine with 2 Kids // balancing a marriage, home, kids, & YouTube!

Tips for Being a Great Uncle

Being an uncle is a great and joyous, and not to mention, fun experience and responsibility. And being an uncle to a little boy can bring with it many unique and memorable experiences. In order to make the most of your duty to your nephew, it may be time to brainstorm some great and fun ideas that you can share with your nephew. Just think, with some of these suggestions below, you will soon become the cool, fun uncle. Leave the other titles for someone else and start enjoying the presence and personality of your nephew. Only then can you build the type of relationship that will last a lifetime.

Do You Think Your Friend Is Being Bullied? 4 Signs of Bullying

Just imagine watching your friends soul dissipate into the shadows while a Voldemort-like-bully causes immeasurable changes to your friend. A person whom once was filled with hope and joy, the confidence that the world offered him countless opportunities is now reduced to a walking vegetable. Yet, if you were not there to see your friend being bullied and you see your friend changing drastically over a matter of a very short time, how do you spot that your friend in trouble?

The Catholic Sacraments

The Roman Catholic Church states that sacraments are signs of grace instituted by Jesus Christ for dispensing divine life to believers, and are entrusted to the Church. Sacraments are used to celebrate visible rites of passage in Christian life such as marriage. While sacraments are not compulsory, the Church states that they are necessary for believers who wish to receive salvation. This is because the sacraments are times when believers experience the saving presence of God. The Catholic sacraments include: Christening or Baptism, Eucharist, Penance, Confirmation, Anointing of Sick, Holy Orders and Matrimony.

What To Do If You Shouted At You Child

Stories of parents abusing and beating their kids are not new. Child abuse is actually becoming prevalent that various jurisdictions have developed their own classification of what represents child abuse. Child abuse essentially means physically, sexually, emotionally mistreating or neglecting a child. A child being beaten is no different to a child being yelled at.

How To Raise A Positive Child

Imagine yourself as the only member of the family doing all the laundry, washing the dishes and feeding the kids and the family dog. Sounds very frustrating? Even more, if the older kids are doing nothing and they are just sitting at the couch all day, watching their favorite show, not even mindful that their mom or dad are doing all the work around the house.

Managing Bedwetting in Children

Parents may expect their children to be wetting their beds up to the age of three. However, they may be concerned when the problem persists beyond this age.

Helping Kids With Bedwetting Problems

Every parent would want the best for their kids but there are things in life that they simply have to accept just like bedwetting. However, they have to do the best that they can in order to make things easier and lighter for everybody in the family. Parents have to know the ways of helping kids with bedwetting problems.

The Three Top Rated Video Baby Monitors 2012

Choosing a video baby monitor can be difficult as there are so many to choose from which is why I’ve written this three top rated video baby monitor article in order to help you choose. Obviously as a parent you want the best product for you and your family, but where do you start? First of all it’s a good idea to see what other customers are buying as this shows what baby monitors are popular. It’s also useful when buying a product from an online shopping site to see what customers are saying and what the product is being rated.

Psychological Causes of Bedwetting in Kids

Although nocturnal enuresis may be considered as normal, parents still have to determine if there are psychological causes of bedwetting in kids. Most of the time bedwetting may be caused by physiological problems such as muscles in the bladder that are not yet fully developed or infection in the bladder area.

Maintaining Communication With Your Child

Do you want to have a better family communication with your child, as far as having a better relationship. Here are the following tips and advice on how to develop and improve your communication with your kids.

Twin Activity: Caps and Patterns

I want to share with you a story and activity that has been on going in our house. In our family, any twin activity that is easy and lets them both participate at the same time, is a must do!

How to Protect Your Children From Negative Outside Influences

As a result of outside influences today’s generation is adopting negative attitudes and behaviors. Parents are frightened and looking for answers!

Values, Boundaries, and Rules – How Do We Help Our Kids Make Sense of Them?

Family values are getting lost…Kids these days are lacking in morals and values…Community values are a thing of the past and it’s our future generations that will pay for it! Comments like the above are cropping up everywhere as issues of violence, bullying and gang related behaviours run rampant.

Buying the Right Childrens Toys Is Important

When it comes to buying children toys, parents have a difficult time finding the right toy that their child will actually play with. With many different toys to choose from, parents can definitely find the best ones. This article will help parents decide which toys to buy for their children and which factors that should be kept in mind when looking for the right toy.

7 Suggestions To Parents For Date Night

It is easy to fall into a rut as a couple once the kids come along. If you are looking for a few new ideas for date nights to spice things up, here are some great ones.

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