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REAL TALK: Weaning a Toddler from Breastfeeding

REAL TALK: Weaning a Toddler from Breastfeeding

Things To Teach Toddlers

When you are a first time mom, you are eager to teach your kid whatever kids his age should know, sometimes even more. Sometimes we tend to overdo it that kids often feel pressured and stressed out. It is better to slow down. We do not want them to reject whatever they should be learning. However, there are things we should teach toddlers in order to prepare them for the real world:

Let’s Increase Your Child’s IQ

It is comforting for every mommy to know that she has a child that is mentally gifted. However, for some more help is required to make their children more focused in their studies. Especially with toddlers, it will be a challenge on how to make them do their home works without having a little play on the side. It is important to consider their childhood as to what should they enjoy at the moment. But it is also important to make them prioritize a certain thing like reviewing their lessons because their discipline with their studies as early as toddler years will reflect their life in the future. Here are some of the tips on how to help your child focus in school:

Family or Career

You filed for an emergency leave the next day because your child got sick and was advised to pay the pedia a visit. Suddenly, your boss called because you need to present to a very important client for the project you’ve been waiting for to be approved. So your knight in shining armor husband volunteered to take charge of the baby together with the nanny. Problem solved. He saved the day. Project was approved. Boss is very pleased and you were informed of the upcoming promotion. Everybody was happy. Are you?

Prep Your Kid to School

So you are all braced up for the first day. Your kid is really excited and so are you. But there are things your child should know before you let him go to school and face the real world. Here are some of the things you have to teach your kids to prepare him for school:

Think About The Future

Having a baby is a challenge for the family. Especially when you are first time parents, everything in your life needs a lot of adjustments. From the social life to your finances, everything will adjust. On money matters, parents will need some game plans to make the challenge easier for both of you. A lot of new items are up for grabs out in the market. There are lots of more important things that your baby need in these changing times. You’d be surprise that with proper research and investment, these things will even save your baby’s life and make financial burden easier for parents in the future.

First Day Blues

First day at school is the most important time in your kid’s education life. It is also special foe every parent because you will start to dream so much of your child’s future and today is the start. Other kids may have separation anxiety with mommy during the first day. Do not worry because it is normal. Your little tot is just as tensed as mommy. So to prevent this happening, parents have to prepare for the big day, the first day. Here are simple steps to help you out and your kid to overcome the first day blues:

Spending Less for Kid’s Fashion

When we have kids, it is very natural for every parent to want to make every kid, girls especially, doll them up and make others appreciate their outfit and clothes. We usually buy them clothes that are in the trend and what is fashionable at the moment. We could actually save up half of what we pay for our kid’s fashionable clothes. Here are some tips to help you out:

Teach Kids to Spend Less in Fashion

We mothers have the tendency to splurge so much when it involves our child’s welfare and fashion. Just because we want them to be appreciated by other people, we tend to buy so much like there is no tomorrow. But it is still healthy? Of course, it is not. We are teaching our child a wrong way of spending. Being fashionable does not mean that you have to spend more. Here are some tips to help teach your kids about saving in fashion.

Praise Sandwich

How we communicate criticism determines if we are able to help our kids learn while protecting their self esteem. How we frame corrections can actually help build confidence.

Daddy Day Care

In parenting, it is not only the mother who should be involved in raising the kid. It is also important to involve daddy with the work. Mommy deserves to have a break in the middle of house chores and career. It will only be a matter of compromise between husband and wife to make the parenting work easier for them. Talk to daddy regarding your situation if you feel that the pressure is already getting on your nerves. You cannot continue performing your duties if you drain yourself out. Recharge and relax even for a day. Give daddy the floor and let her be the mommy for the day.

Let’s Munch Intelligence

There are many ways to boost your child’s intelligence. If you are being too pushy to make your child learn the basics of ABCs and 123s, you might want give him a break. Treat him with a new recipe that he might love to taste. There are foods that your child will enjoy munching without knowing that it will help boost his brain development.

Parenting Help for Inspiring Your Children

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