Kitchen Table STEAM

#RealTime Family Dinners

#RealTime Family Dinners

Does Parental Control Software Work? Why?

Why should anyone’s child be deprived of all the incredible benefits the Internet has to offer? Simply because there is an unfortunate increasing number of very horrible individuals whose only purpose is to be a menacing cyber threat to your children and family? The answer we must never forget is…. NOBODY SHOULD EVER, In Any Way, Be Deprived Of This Invaluable Resource Called The Internet. The benefits of Cyberspace information far out-way the negative hazards we must overcome to ensure the safety of our children.

Where is Your Heart, Daddy?

It was our daughter, Robin, who was directing the question to me. I’ve learned, over the year, that my kids can ask the darndest questions! She took me by surprise this time and I stammered:” Well, hmm…it’s right here,” I said as I pointed my chest with my finger.

Be Tough, Get Your Teen to Start Behaving Today!

Today, as I was walking my dog, I passed my niece’s high school where the students park their cars. I saw a shiny new black sports car with a license plate rim with something to this effect: I SAW. I WANTED. I THREW A FIT. I GOT IT.

Parenting Help Idea 101 – Tips on How to Take the Consistent Approach to Parenting

Would you like to discover the real secret behind successful parenting? Whether it’s your first, second or third time being a parent, there is one factor that will greatly help you in raising your kids to be the best that they can be: consistency.

We Teach Our Children Practical Lessons in a Heavenly Atmosphere

The old saying: “so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good,” is something to keep in mind as we try to teach our children to be mature adults by the time they are 18 or 21 years old. I’m sure you’ll agree…

Doing Child Discipline Well

This article talks about how we should raise our kids to bring out the best in them. It covers strategies to help parents understand how to respond to kids when they exhibit certain behaviors in order to elicit the best responses.

How To Make Your Child Into A Reader – Part One

You know it is important that your child be a good reader. In part one of this article, you will learn what you should have in your house to make that happen.

When the Kids Gang Up

Do you have more than one child close in age? Do you feel they gang up on you sometimes? Here are some ideas.

What to Do About Shy Kids – 3 Simple Tips

Do you have a child or children who are shy? Perhaps you are a teacher or a caretaker for a number of children. If this is the case, perhaps the question has crossed your mind, “What to do about shy kids?”

How To Make Your Child Into A Reader – Part Two

You know it is important that your child read well, because it will lead to great things in life. In this second part of a two part article, you will learn how to read with your child.

My Twins Won’t Sleep

Are you suffering from lack of sleep due to your twins? Lack of sleep is the biggest complaint from Twin Parents and often because of the methods we have to adopt just to get some sleep in the early months bad sleeping habits are formed.

A Brief Introduction to ADHD

ADHD is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children who suffer from ADHD will be unable to control their behavior or pay attention during these years. ADHD was first detected by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman in 1845. Sir George F. Still published a series of lectures to the Royal College of Physicians in England in which he described a group of impulsive children with significant behavioral problems, caused by a genetic dysfunction.

Summer Brain Drain – What You Can Do to Help

It is called the summer ‘brain drain’, the time when children are liable to forget all about what they learned in school. But it may not be as bad as you think – and there are some simple things you can do to make sure it does not happen to your child.

One of the Best Gifts We Can Give Our Children

One of the best gifts we can give our children is day-by-day, long-term training in the way God wants His money to be managed. If you need help, there are more than 800 places in the Bible where God instructs us about good stewardship (money management), read…

Around the Dinner Table

The dinner table can be a great place for family bonding. Many families don’t make use of the kitchen table and family meals together as they did in the past. Here are some tips.