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Does the Influence of Parents Determine Our Outlook and Values or Does It Set Us Free?

Parents have an enormous influence on their children from the moment of concept and through every phase of life. Whether parents are present and actively engaged or if they have disappeared into other realms, their impact remains.

Parents Give Our Youths A Future

The apparent cumulative effect of the economic down-turn has made home-keeping and training of children to become an ordeal. Parents should see this as a challenge and be determined not only to wade through it, but to balance up their responsibilities towards their children to ensure they are given a bright future. Certainly, it is, the duty of parents to provide for their children, but this should not be at the expense of neglecting proper upbringing.

We Won’t End Up Like Our Parents

Every teenager going through this stage understands those words, whenever I think of this I look back on how I felt when I was younger. Coming from a divorced family I always said I would never end up like my parents and how I thought they were. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I actually do want to end up like my parents.

3 Steps for Working Moms to Shed the Guilt and Enjoy Their Families

Working moms often struggle with balancing the expectations of work and home. This articles offers simple steps for working moms to shed the guilt, succeed at work and enjoy their families.

Four Tips for Managing the Two-Year-Old

It doesn’t have to be “terrible twos”. Use these tips for a better experience…

The 7 Strategies for Determining Your Parenting Plan

Separated parents need to determine a plan for managing children between themselves. Here are the 7 strategies for doing so.

Stay At Home Parent: A Sedentary Lifestyle?

I would like to start this article with a little story. A few days ago, on the way to my place of work, I passed by a friend’s house and noticed that there was a lot of stuff on her lawn: clothes…

Lessons for Kids From the Garden

Gardens can be such magical places for children, with so many life lessons to teach. While the number of reasons to get the kids outside and interested in the garden are quite countless, here are some of my top lessons that I think can be taught to kids while in the garden!

Catch Up on Your Sleep

Long before Kaia was born, a common refrain we heard from many friends who’d bravely endured the path we were about to undertake was, “Catch up on your sleep now, you’ll need it.” I’d generally respond with a polite, ‘Oh yes, you can bet I’m banking the hours away’ or some other nonsense… all the while telling myself, along with Bec’s help, I was sure we’d be fine.

What Doesn’t Work in Parenting!

Parenting does not come with a specific manual like changing a car engine or how to cook something. There are many parenting strategies, lots of which do not work. Some of those I am going to share with you.

The Square Root of ADHD Is ME

My little baby-girl daughter who is 7 years old got her diagnosis: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with anxiety. My 9 year old son puts his arms around my daughter and says, “I got you. We got this.

Parenting the Spiritual

Parenting is a tough job and it makes a lot of demands on time, energy, etc. Parents must ensure their child’s holistic growth but many parents today neglect the spiritual growth of their children. This article reminds parents of this aspect of their responsibility.

Best Practices For Guiding The Behaviour Of Your Children

One of the biggest challenges for any parent is guiding the behaviour of your children. The goal should be to create an environment where children can develop social skills and gain some understanding about what constitutes acceptable behaviour.

Reading – One of the Great Indoor Activities for Kids

If you’re starting to wonder about how you are going to keep your kids happy and occupied in a productive way this Winter, make sure that reading is at the top of your list. Reading is always one of the best indoor activities for kids on rainy and/or snowy days. Discover some great ways to get your children invested in reading more!

Keeping Children Healthy, Safe and Fit During Winter

Whether it’s at work, school or another organization in your community, chances are you’ve heard plenty of coughing, sneezing and wheezing going on. Because children have a natural tendency to want to run around freely outdoors regardless of the weather, acknowledging these tips can help you ensure health and safety. In the end, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re doing the best you can to keep everyone healthy and happy!

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