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Sea Creatures in Spanish

Sea Creatures in Spanish

2 Autism Screening Tools That Every Parent Should Know About!

This article discusses two autism screening tools: The CHAT and The CARS that every parent of a young child should know about. These screening tools can be used by the families medical provider to help parents determine if their child has symptoms of autism. If the child fails the screening further testing is required. These screening tools are easy to use for any child who possible could have autism. The earlier the recognition, the earlier the treatment!!

Smacking Is Not Positive Parenting

Time to throw out punitive parenting methods such as smacking. Here are 10 Positive Parenting options based on what children need to be happy and successful that really work.

Parenting Made Easier

After becoming a parent, your entire routine changes; your child takes up all of your ‘me’ time and you happily accommodate him/her as an important part of your responsibility and life. What is the best possible way to foster a child, you may ask. But fact remains, there is no hard and fast rule or a set of principles you can adhere, just lead by instincts and do your best.

Child Development Through Teaching Responsibility

Learn how teaching your child responsibility can help them in all areas of childhood development. For example, fine motor skills can be developed by allowing your child to hang clothes on childrens hangers.

Attention Parents! This Gratitude Formula Builds Character in Kids

Why is it so hard to teach children to be loving and grateful? Is there a Gratitude Formula that increases love and character in kids? Yes, you’ll find it inside along with 5 ways to teach it to your kids.

Family Fun Activities – 7 Things to Do As a Family This Fall

Are you looking for some family fun activity ideas for this Fall season? Then read on and find out what your family can do together.

Showing Kids That They Matter

No matter what age your child is, it is very important to show them that they matter to you. Cuddling, listening, reading, playing and teaching are great ways to show your child that they are important. Teach them to hang their own clothes and put their dirty ones in the laundry basket. Let them use children’s clothes hangers to make the task more manageable for them.

Teaching Children to Tell the Truth and Dealing With Friends Who Don’t

Teaching children to tell the truth can come unraveled when they have a friend who lies. Help your child navigate this tricky friendship issue with these common sense parenting ideas.

Parents Guide to Elementary School – Help Your Kids Through School

Many parents feel that they need a parents guide to elementary school. Attending Elementary school is a very difficult transition for young children.

Baby Adoptions – Is This For You Too

Baby adoptions are so commonly seen nowadays that it has become so commonplace to see parents raising children of different races, which is very nice of course, but there are a few points you ought to know if you are considering joining in the fun. Because of the heightened increase in baby adoptions many people who find that they can not have children of their own are turning to this as a way of getting a new and vital member for their family.

The Secret to Raising Readers

For the last fifty years, reading has suffered a precipitous decline. Blame has been widely assigned to electronic entertainment, but there is perhaps a subtler, more subversive force undermining the reading landscape: the association of reading with “chore”. Ideally, our earliest reading experiences are warm and fuzzy.

4 Easy Discipline Tricks That Work Every Time

There are more books, magazines, and websites teaching us about parenting skills than ever before – so why are we not all experts already? The reasons vary. The books are too long and complicated, the books are contradictory, the ideas of what is good and bad parenting keep changing, and the ideas of how to solve problems are so numerous that when one is faced with a misbehaving child, and emotions are at their peak, it is too difficult to remember what the book said to do in that very type of situation.

Your Child Will Love Reading If You Do This

Know how to make your child interested in books using these easy methods. The art is not in force but rather in making the child actually want to do something.

Single Parent – 2 Step Program to Gain Your Sanity Back

When you were young, you probably never dreamed of being a single parent. You probably imagined yourself raising your children with your husband or wife. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Many people get stuck doing the parenting alone, and that can be very difficult. When this is the case, it is important to keep everything as under control as possible.

The 3 Most Common Discipline Strategies and Why They Don’t Work

Have you ever talked sweetly to your child trying to explain that what they are doing is not very nice? What about the opposite? Have you ever yelled at your child out of frustration and hoped that by seeing you so angry your child would naturally want to stop their naughty behaviour? Or, how about this scenario – you start out trying to be the patient parent who wants to calmly and sweetly explain to your child why their behaviour is unacceptable, but when they ignore you your anger swells and you begin yelling.