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Self love And Care After The Covert Narcissist

Self love And Care After The Covert Narcissist

Parenting – 3 Things You Can Do With Your Children That Will Enhance Their Lives and Yours

Parenting is about knowing and helping to meet the needs of the child while teaching them independence. At the same time, however, it also involves teaching your child or children how to work together for the benefit of the whole family.

Money Lessons to Teach Your Kid

An early action to teach your kid about money and savings are a good idea to give better money management ideas along with they grow. Using simple methods depends on there age, you can easily bring them getting good understanding on money management and can grow a habit of savings. Here are some practical methods a parent can use to teach there kid about money management and savings.

Parenting Styles That Will Make Raising Your Kids a Little Easier

There are different types of parenting styles for raising your kids. The first of these parenting styles is called authoritarian parenting. As the name suggests, in this kind of parenting, the parents exert their control over their children by being in control all the time. Permissive parenting is perhaps the most relaxed of all the parenting styles.

Parenting and Stress – Three Simple Steps to Zap the Stress From Any Situation

How would you rate your holiday? Did it live up to your expectations, or leave you wishing for something more for you or your children? Was it stress-free, or stressful? It’s nearly impossible to fully escape all stress at this time of year. Whether you feel stress post-holiday stress, or guilt or anxiety about any situation, here are 3 steps you can use right away to zap the stress and leave you feeling more joyous in your role as parent.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Some People Will Just Never Be Supportive of You Or Your Child With ADHD

Are you fed up with people who constantly question your judgment and make you feel that you are to blame for your child’s ADHD? Would you like to finally find people who are willing to support you and give you what you need and deserve? This article will show you exactly how to do that.

The Balancing Act of a Parent

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. You can’t just put yourself on “auto pilot” and sail through it. No matter how well your children behave; you need to be engaged in their lives and in preparing them for the world.

Get to Know Your Child – Communication

All relationships are built on trust and respect. That means one person expects the other is always trying their best and has good intentions. One person values the other person for their thoughts and intentions.

Why is My Teenager Embarrassed of Me?

Why are teens so embarrassed of their parents? Well, the major reason is that teens don’t find their parents to be cool or stylish (sorry but that is the truth!). Teens view their parents as “old” and generally not trendy and often times simply old fashioned. Now, that does not mean that as parents you are not cool and stylish, it just means that your teenager’s perspective is that you are not.

Keeping a Journal – Chronicle Your Journey in 2009

Starting a personal journal is a great way to track your journey through the months and years. Helping children learn how to journal is an invaluable tool that will help build self-awareness, foster growth as well as help them gain perspective and direction for their lives. Why not lead by example and begin a chronicle of your own?

Preparing For Your Child’s Photo Shoot

Once you’ve found the perfect photographer in Richmond VA, you’ve probably made an appointment and scheduled the actual photo shoot. Now all you need to do is some simple preparation steps to ensure that you get the perfect photo of you baby.

Parenting Tips For ADHD – Routines Are Necessary For ADHD Children

Routines for the ADHD child are as necessary as diet and behavior modification. Find out how routines will help your child stay focused on his behavioral goals.

Parenting Tips For ADHD – Speaking With Your Child

The ability to speak with your child and not at your child can help your relationship enormously. If you would love to have an open, clear communication with your child read some parenting tips for ADHD as follows; o Do not yell or try to give any instructions from across the room. Walk up to your child and first make eye contact before trying to communicate any directions.

Parenting Tips – ADHD – 7 Simple Ways to Provide Guidance

Children with ADHD have a difficult time organizing, following through and completing tasks. There are seven simple ideas you as a parent can provide in the leadership role with your child. Only you know your child and can decide which behavior you would like to correct.

ADHD Parenting Tip – ADHD Needs to Be Separated Out From Other Life Issues

Are you frustrated trying to figure out what is ADD / ADHD and what is not? Do people try to tell you that all of your child’s behaviors are because of his ADD / ADHD? After reading this article, you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Do Not Put a Negative Label on Your Children

Usually when children do not do well for their exam, I will hear parents call him/her a ‘lazy person’. If a boy commits a careless mistake, he will be labeled as ‘careless boy.’ If a girl always misplaces things, she will be called ‘Miss Forgetful.’ If the boy misbehaves, the parents might even say, “What is wrong with you? You are so naughty.”