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shabdo ko anko me likhna / शब्दों को अंकों में लिखना / shabdon ko anko me kaise likhe

shabdo ko anko me likhna  / शब्दों को अंकों में लिखना / shabdon ko anko me kaise likhe

Reconnect With Family Meetings

Think you are too busy for family meetings? Thing again! This short investment of your time will pay dividends you can’t even imagine until you try. A strong sense of connection, in this busy world, is so valuable to families and deserves to take priority in your life.

How to Know If Your Child is Ready For School

This is an issue most parents face when it’s time to take the child to school. Generally, they think they’re taking the child too early and fear that the separation from the home and the new peer contact will harm the little ones. I don’t think so. It is better than exposure to TV or to a sole caretaker. Above all, in school your child will be learning means to an end, making use of tools to think and learning the importance of reading.

How on Earth Can I Motivate My Children to Do Their Homework?

My opinion is that you should help your child solve each of the problems proposed in the work sent home from school. Now, let us be clear on this: you should help solve, not do it for him/her. We agree that s/he cannot afford to lose an entire year with a low performance; but s/he can’t remain totally dependent on you either, because s/he will have to be able to perform well on her own in the classroom.

Improving Father, Son Communication

A Licensed Professional Counselor explores the pitfall fathers can get into that negatively affects father/son communication. Three suggestions are given to strengthen the father/son relationship and improve communication.

Awesome Rock and Roll Summer Music Camps – Must Know Tips to Choose the Best

If you are thinking about a summer music camp for your child, then you must consider a rock and roll summer camp. Why? Rock and roll summer camps are filled with awesome fun and simply great musical experiences.

Single Parenting – A Positive View

There are more single parents now than there have ever been. There are many reasons for this, none of which I am going to go into here. Children raised by single parents are already a large part of societies demographic and this is only likely to increase. There is plenty of negative press surrounding single parents so I thought it would be useful to look at some of the positive aspects.

Finding Sun Hats For Babies Or Children

If you are on the hunt for sun hats for your children and are not too sure what to look for, then it’s a good idea to consider what the purpose is and to go from there. We are told we need to use sun hats to protect our young ones from the sun’s harmful rays, and whilst many of them look pretty they simply do not deliver this.

Stop Criticizing and Start Changing – Take the Two Week Challenge!

No one likes to be criticized! So why do we do it? Well, because of FEAR. Each of us wants to be the best parent possible and we are afraid that if we don’t point out all the ways our child can improve, we have somehow done him or her a grave disservice.

Be Careful What Your Kids Watch!

I know not to blindly listen to the advice of those that aren’t going through what I am going through at this moment in time. I can think for myself, especially when it comes to what my kids watch.

Use a Memory Journal to Communicate With Teens

Are you searching for a way to connect with your teen? Many activities can present the opportunity to spend time together, yet one that offers ways to share information is highly valuable to the relationship. Read the following article to find some immediate benefits of memoir writing.

Should I Use the Rod to Discipline My Child?

Children would always have that inherent nature of doing their own thing despite their parents’ voice telling them not to. Oftentimes, children’s attitudes become so frustrating for parents and it then becomes a question of whether to use the rod or not. The views on this matter are not expressive of a single opinion.

Making Kids Smile All the Time – How to Do It?

No kid was ever born frowning. Yes, babies all cried when they first experienced the air in this world, but it is a known fact that kids were just made to smile, right? You may be wondering why there are some kids who become loners and serious looking, while there are those who simply have a happy disposition.

Parents and Teachers Must Work Together For the Benefit of the Child

Though it seems so obvious that parents and teachers should be partners for the child’s sake, too often there is a clash. With open communication, parents and teachers should be able to settle any misunderstandings. Both have only the child’s best interests at heart.

Parenting Advice – Thumb Sucking Can Affect Your Child

I was a thumb sucker. Thumb sucking can carry its effects into adulthood. Here is some advice if your child is a thumb sucker.

Raising Children Successfully – How to Do It

Loving your child should come naturally but showing your child love may, at times, be more difficult. It is essential though that you not only love your child but that you also show them this love as if they do not know your love it can lead to serious problems later on.

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