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SHE ALMOST STEPPED ON A SNAKE… // hanging out, weekly grocery shop + haul

SHE ALMOST STEPPED ON A SNAKE... // hanging out, weekly grocery shop + haul

The Keys to Effective Discipline

The most important and most difficult chapter in parenting refers to discipline. Parents will deal with their child’s behavior problems differently, however, educational psychology breaks parenting styles down to four distinct categories: neglectful, indulgent, authoritative and authoritarian.

Ever Wondered Why Your Child Is ‘So Controlling’?

As a business owner, I (and many others I know) would probably consider myself as a ‘control freak’ but it serves me well in the role I am in, because there are many things I need to manage in order for them to be successful e.g. family programmes, ezines, public speaking, parent support groups, administration, contracts etc.

Does Your Child Have Friends?

We all value the reasons for having friendships and research shows that healthy friendships and relationships improve quality of life, prevent depression, anxiety, isolation and loneliness. Naturally this is something we want for our children and of course, from our own experiences of what value and importance friendships have given us, we want the same for our children. Why do children with autism find it so difficult to develop friendships?

Feeling Isolated?

For all parents, having children changes your life; your priorities change, your lifestyle, your sleep patterns and your social life takes a knock! For some parents with children with autism this is sustained longer than you might have imagined. I have spoken to so many parents who feel isolated after so long and here are just some of the reasons that I have heard that may resonate with you:

What Happens When ‘Mr Perfect’ Isn’t Always (Perfect)

“Our child is ‘Mr Perfect’ so whatever goes wrong makes him angry. Before he was just screaming, now he is shouting “Don’t take it, it’s mine; I won it, you lost; I was first.” He wants to be the best and most of the time when others create competitions such as who will be first by the door or who will jump further, he gets frustrated when he loses.

Why Educating Yourself Encourages Your Child’s Progress and Development

This article will highlight some of the reasons why this is vital towards helping to make the biggest difference for your child’s progress and development. Although it might feel as though you are not getting anything practical done, when you are actually layering the foundations of knowledge, you are in a more powerful position in the long term to be able to make decisions that affect your child within your interactions and for their lifestyle for many years to come. Having the knowledge is crucial for parents because parents are…

Parenting: You Are the Role-Model

Children learn from those around them so consider what you are saying, doing and allowing. What are you saying? Do you tend to use threats with your children that everyone, including you, knows that you will never act upon? Saying things like “I will never bring…

Peer Pressure – Parents Can Help!

Most parents agree that children need to interact with other children. Parents need to know their children’s friends. Some parents even try to pick their children’s friends. Parents want to know their children are safe and have healthy, positive peer relationships. Peer relationships play a vital role in the social and emotional development of children.

Step-Ladder Approach to Help Anxiety in Children

Childhood anxiety can be distressing, not just for the anxious child but for their parents who may not know the best way to help. Here a Child Psychiatrist shares expert tips to help parents and children fight their fears together.

Ways to Make Single Parenting More Manageable

Studies show that in the last decades the number of married couples divorcing has sky rocketed. After a messy divorce, the single parent is faced with yet another dilemma: how can I deal with raising a child and with a full-time job at the same time? Most of the time single parents feel overwhelmed by the load of problems they struggle with on an everyday basis, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many things that single parents can do in order to make their lives less complicated and single parenthood more manageable.

When Single Parenting Is Best For Your Child

In the process of creating a safe and happy family environment, parents play the lead role. It is with their care and attention, devotion and commitment, unconditional love and sacrifice that an empty lifeless house is transformed into a dream nourishing haven for their children. Unfortunately, studies show that more couples with children decide to separate or divorce, adding yet another generation of single parenthood to the family tree.

A Secret Ingredient to Peaceful, Happy Mornings!

I always knew that exercise was good for my brain, the same way I knew that flossing was good for my teeth. But it wasn’t until I was 33 and saw an x-ray of my teeth that I saw exactly why my dentist kept nagging me about flossing; all of my cavities are in between my teeth. From the moment I saw that x-ray, I became a religious flosser. I had a similar, “religious” experience over exercise recently. It came from a book called Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John J. Ratey, M.D. The book is packed with such clear and convincing evidence for the power of exercise over the brain that I immediately started getting up earlier every morning… to get me and my kids moving before school.

Spend Some Time With Your Children and Take Care of Your Health

  Today was a day like most any other day, as it included what I affectionately call the nice-ninety. The nice-ninety are the best 90 minutes of each day of the work week. No, I don’t sneak off somewhere for an extended lunch hour.

Love Your Children Right Now – Urgently, Intently and Purposely

I am a huge James Bond. When I say huge, I mean gargantuan. I’m the guy who doesn’t wait for the cable networks to run a marathon, I run my own marathon.

Form a Single Line, Be Quiet and Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Remember when you were in your primary grades and you had to line up orderly before going anywhere? Your teacher would chaperon the whole class to lunch, the library, during a fire drill or to the gym. Everyone was expected to walk one behind the other in a straight line.

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