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Teen Initiative

An initiator is someone who takes the first step on their own. Initiators makes a move toward someone or something without been told. This behavior must be taught and established in the home during the elementary and middle school years.

How to Help Your Child Take Responsibility for Their Work

You have tried nagging, and that didn’t work! You have tried bribing, and that only worked for a short time!

Motivated Children

Motivation is a key principle many children live by and often reflect the atmosphere in the home. Motivated children are self-starters and focus highly on what they can do, not on what they cannot do.

Forced Apologies: Does Forcing Your Kid to Apologize Work Well in the Long Run?

Most parents want their kids to be well mannered and respectful. However, sometimes well intentioned parents end up creating resistance unintentionally. This article gives some suggestions as to how to encourage sincere apologies rather than lip service.

Using Scare Tactics to Discipline Kids: A Lesson Learned From the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

As a six year old boy, I remember being so scared of the haunted mansion at Disneyland. The ride began as a group of people walked into a large room and listened to a narrator tell us what we were in for. As I remember, the narrator had a deep, spooky voice and he stated we were welcome to come in, but we would never get out.

The Essence of Responsible Parenthood

Being a parent is a wonderful gift from God. Having tasks and responsibilities is not an easy job. It requires hard work and cooperation from both husband and wife. As your family grows, the responsibility also expands. It’s not just giving your kids all the comforts in life but giving them love and discipline as well.

Why Are Choices So Important for Kids?

Have you ever seen a kid have a meltdown over something that seemed unimportant? For example, you start to help your toddler get dressed and you grab the truck shirt rather than the dinosaur shirt and he suddenly goes ballistic. Or maybe you order a hamburger rather than chicken nuggets and your child throws a conniption fit in the back seat.

How Parents Can Destroy the Effectiveness of Consequences

Why is it that two set of parents can apply the same consequence but yet get very different results? Is it because the child that learns from the consequence is good natured while the other child who becomes resentful is just a bad egg? Does it all depend on the temperament of the child or does the way the parents apply the consequences have any influence over their effectiveness?

Reading To Toddlers Can Help With The Terrible Twos

If you are having troubles dealing with the terrible twos stage (and beyond!) then perhaps beginning or increasing the amount of reading you do to your child can help. One of the biggest reasons that toddlers and other young children act up and misbehave is because they are craving attention and affection.

Mother-In-Laws – How to Be a Mother-In-Law to Your Daughter-In-Law

What can a mother-in-law do to have a positive relationship with her daughter-in-law? The following are some of the things we can do to enhance this important relationship and ensure that life does not become a battlefield.

The Best Parenting Magazines

There are a lot of magazines available targeted to parents of young children. Working mothers can find a magazine targeted specifically toward them as can mothers to be and parents with newborns.

3 Styles of Parenting

Check any bookstore and you’ll find dozens of books on parenting, each espousing a different style. Determining your own style of parenting can be baffling, especially for new parents.

10 Tips to Save Money for Your Kids for College

It costs a lot of money to send a kid to college, but it costs a lot of money to raise a child, too. That makes saving for college a hardship for many parents.

How to Balance Your Decision to Raise Thinking Kids With Schools Requesting Over-Involved Parents

When my child was in the 2nd grade, and her teacher asked me why I didn’t sign her “homework” notebook, I told her it was because I was raising a “thinking” child. I believed my primary job was to prepare my kids to leave home at 18 with the confidence necessary to make hundreds of decisions each day, the ability to overcome whatever challenge or obstacle they encounter and to do so with a sense of courage, curiosity and enthusiasm.

Managing Middle School Madness

Congratulations. You are the proud parent of a middle schooler.

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