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Sibling Harmony Over the Holidays, Presented by Katy Linsley

Sibling Harmony Over the Holidays, Presented by Katy Linsley

Children – Eating Well & Healthfully

Diet is probably the most important factor in maintaining your child’s Immune System. Whether you have a toddler or are raising a young adult, life is about living in balance, and everyone is different. However, good nutrition is the foundation of good health, and our nutrient needs change daily.

The Principal, The Teacher and The Coach

This article talks about how to apply coaching techniques to everyday parenting issues. A case study is presented of how a 5 year old boy’s negative attitude towards school was changed with the help of the principle, the teacher and his mother.

3 Questions That Prompt Smart Decisions

Children at any time are either out of control, under control or in control. Hopefully your children are not out of control, but many parents think they are successful if their children are under their control. Sooner or later kids will break out and rebel against overly strong authority – either that or they never grow up. However, if your child is often out of control then it maybe necessary to get them under control before they can be in control. The following article provides some simple guides to help achieve the middle ground: children in control & learning to make decisions for themselves.

The Importance of Outdoor Play For Children

Outdoor play is a vital part of growing up, providing both exercise and the chance to explore natural surroundings. Find out about the wide range of benefits open air play will bring.

ADHD Parenting Tip – Focus More on the Specific Behaviors and Challenges Than the Diagnosis of ADHD

Do you ever wonder if things can or will change for you and your family when it comes to a child with ADHD? Are you frustrated by the difficult task of raising a child who is different? This article will provide you with one of the keys to success that is necessary to parent a child with ADHD.

How to Help Your Child Find Their Real Mom and Pop

The truth is: many children are adopted at a young age, and as far as they know they have a mom and pop like any other normal family, until that is: they come to an age where they are able to understand about life a little better, and are hit by the shock that they were adopted by their foster parents. In many cases this is a big blow to the system especially when the child is just feeling their feet about life as a teenager. Now all of the sudden they are hit by another blow…

Dear Parents

Separation and divorce affect children but they aren’t always able to communicate the hurt to their parents or others. This article is a compilation of the things that children have told me over the years when they have been part of a hurting family.

Three Bite Rule

Many clients have come to me when they didn’t know how to get their child to eat or try new foods. This method works!

I Don’t Want My Baby to Have a Baby!

As parents, we are often concerned about the possibility that our children or teens might become pregnant before they are mature or prepared. This article talks about the role of parents to prevent and deal with teen pregnancies.

Don’t Buy Your Child’s Love!

This article is about not spoiling your children. Many parents do this because they do not want to hear their children screaming. This I call the Veruca Salt syndrome!

Teen Peer Pressure – As a Parent, What Do I Do?

The idea that your teen has succumb to peer pressure can be very scary for parents. This article offers some risk factors for peer pressure and some concrete tips for what you, as a parent, can do to support your teen during a time when they will be faced with peer pressure.

Children Home Alone – Advice For Parents

Due to today’s economic demands, in many families – even two-parent families – both parents work. As a result, thousands of parents leave their children home alone on a daily basis. These parents feel that they have no choice but to be absent from their home. After-school care is often difficult to find, and can be too costly for many. This means that many children are left unsupervised. However, there are many potential risks and dangers that parents must consider before placing their children in this situation. The following example, although extreme, demonstrates these possible hazards.

Positive Parenting Habits Can Create a Great Future For Your Child

Over 90% of what you do, say, and think every single day is habitual. That makes your Habits the most powerful force in your life and that of your child. A Habit can be a self-defeating action or a positive force. The results of parenting habits often don’t show up until later in a child’s life, that’s why it is important develop Positive Parenting Habits early. Because you are the most influential force in your child’s life, it is critical to make sure you have Habits that have been proven to give your child the head start he needs in life.

Children, Choose Your Friends Carefully!

Tell our children to select their friends carefully! What is the benefit for them?

Educating Young Children is Easy and That is Why Wonderful Children Are Every Where Around Us

Is it difficult to educate young children? Apparently not, because I’ve seen wonderful children everywhere.

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