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Sending Clear Messages to Teens

All of a sudden I felt like I was losing something that I had held for a long time. I had this urge to back down so that we could continue to be friends. Where was my sweet baby boy who hang on every word I said?

What to Do When Your Child Turns Into a Possessed Teenager!

I lived with the threat of just wait till she becomes a teenager! You will not recognize her!” Every year I watched her, trying to notice every minute change that came over her demeanor. I was not going to be caught unawares, like my friends who were going nuts over their teenagers who were running wild in their homes!

Parenting After Divorce – Making it Work

Is it possible to effectively parent after a break up? Yes, but parents need to be united for the sake of the kids. Follow these ideas to help you be great parents even after divorce.

Raising Good Children

The easiest way to raise a loving child is to be a loving parent. The way you relate with your child is the way he will relate with the world.

Teenage Parenting – 3 Useful Ways of Helping Teens

Teenage parenting is a challenge especially where the teens are prone to alcohol and drugs. They get addicted and this is detrimental to their health. They require attention in correcting the addiction.

Robbed of Childhood

That our children in the 21st Century have been robbed of their childhood is a fact that does not need belaboring. With the advent of the Internet, we kissed childhood for our kids a long and tearful goodbye!

New Parents Guide to Success – A Must-Read

Congratulations! God has recently given you the greatest. The gift of a new life!

Fun Activities With Your Children

Parents with children several years apart often have the quandary of coming up with fun activities they can do together. While not every activity is appropriate for every child, but there are many that can be adapted for a wide age range.

Parenting Explosive Children – The New Angle, The New Attitude

An intriguing example of normal behavior can be overwhelming, overpowering, and yes explosive. Love it or hate it, parenting explosive children is not out of the ordinary.

Considerations in Packing Lunch For Your Children

Busy moms and dads are faced with a daily morning dilemma pack a lunch for their child or send them off to school with lunch money. A case can be made for both. To decide, first consider a few things in favor of buying lunch at school.

Teach Your Child to Enjoy Art

Start young and expose your child to a wide variety of music genres and all types of art. Let your child explore an area of their choice in depth with lessons from a teacher.

Angry Children, Angry Parents (Releasing Anger)

There is nothing worse than angry children. When you arrive home after a hectic day of endless deadline and your boss breathing down your neck, having to deal with your angry children is over the top stressful. I know that many of you parents can relate to this image. Unfortunately, it can become a terrible mistake to bring that frustration home, and venting out their anger on your children. Your moods can rub-off on your kids.

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Up

Getting kids to clean up after themselves can be a hard task. Telling them to clean there room a hundred times a day or taking away their favorite toys just does not quite work anymore. A great way to get your kids to start helping out around the house is to make cleaning time, fun time.

How to Enhance Your Child’s Summer Vacation

Kids get summer vacation between grades to give them plenty of time to be outdoors, enjoy the warm weather, take trips with their family, and enjoy free days with schedules and homework. Summer time should be filled with long days outdoors playing for kids, but the learning does not have to end.

The Different Safety Measures You Should Take With Your Children to Avoid Serious Injuries

This article will talk about how important safety equipment and car seats are for the safety of children. It will look into various ways to protect your children in sports and activities as well as in a vehicle.

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