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Parenting Tips – How to Help Your Child Get Used to Preschool

How to help your child get used to preschool is something every parent has concerns about. There are many simple steps to help ease into this new social milestone your preschooler is about to begin. Try these suggestions and personalize them to your preschooler to make this a fun, smooth transition that they will enjoy.

Balance – The Best Prevention For Mommy Monsters

Although we were once sure that we knew what to do, as we get older we realize that we haven’t got all the answers. Parenting is no exception. In order to be happy parents, we need to get a break from our everyday responsibilities. Here are a few tips about achieving a balance and avoiding becoming a mommy monster.

Parenting Young Children

Discover some tips that may guide you in parenting young children. When parenting young children, they will need plenty of love and guidance as they go through their formation or developmental years. Nurture and support young children so that they can go on and become well-rounded children, adolescents, and adults. This is the foundation. Because of this, you need to be sure that you are able to offer the best that you can as a parent.

Common Sense Parenting and the Self Sufficient Parent

One particular system or method that experts know to be quite effective in raising children would be to rely on this common sense parenting method. Common Sense Parenting or CSP is a practical parenting process, which is based on everyday skills, applying these skills naturally to different situations. Common sense parenting includes logical strategies as well as easy-to-learn techniques that address issues on discipline, communication, decision-making, self-control, family relationships, and education.

Is the Authoritative Parenting Style For You?

If you want to have more parenting success and improve the relationship that you have with your children, consider the authoritative parenting style. The authoritative parenting style can be characterized as a style in which the parents clearly set defined limitations and boundaries on the behaviors of their children. The resulting outcome is children knowing what they should expect from the parent, and what the parent is expecting from them. Here are some tips to think over when deciding on your style of parenting.

Anger Management For Children – 3 Lessons Learned While Getting a Haircut

Anger management for children is essential to good parenting. Little Johnny walks into the hair-salon at Walmart. He’s so cute in his Yankee’s hat, and Buster Brown shoes. I knew how old he was because he keep holding up 4 fingers, as he shouted to everyone within a ear shot that he’s 3 years old. I quickly forgot how cute Little Johnny was, because he begin to show his true colors.

Anger Management For Children – Learn to Calm Down by Picking Your Battles

Some famous person once said “A man who defends everything, defends nothing.” These are power words when you take a moment to think about their impact. Parents who are raising children today need to realize that fighting every battle that a child confronts them with is a losing battle that will only bring strife to the relationship. Arguing with your child every time they spill milk on the carpet, or yelling at them every time they pick up candy at the store will desensitize them to the yelling. They will start to think that yelling is how communication should be done.

Mail For Kids – Helping Your Children in More Ways Than One

What kid doesn’t love getting mail? That ceremonial trek to the mailbox is a much-loved ritual among many children. The anticipation of what might be inside is met with sheer joy when a child sees a letter addressed to them.

Is a Father a Parent Or a Babysitter When the Wife is Out?

Allow me to describe a scenario. When both parents want to go out on a date night it is time to call the babysitter and make arrangements for the time and amount that needs to be paid. When the husband wants to go out for a guys night out most wives have no second thoughts on who is going to take care of the kids.

Anger Management For Children – Get a Grip Before it Turns Into “Clean Up on Aisle 5”

A child will obey a parent who is sincere about what they expect. If a child hears you threaten to punish them for the 4th time today, they will test you to see how serious you are about not cleaning his/her room. They will test you to see how serious you are about whining about candy at the store.

Key Stages to Child Development – Childhood Ages 4-6

This quick overview of the developmental stage that includes ages 4 to 6 may provide helpful insight into the attitudes and behavior of children. Helping the child deal with the difficulties of growing and learning how to adapt is vital to a successful life adventure.

Competitive Parents

What happens when parents use their children to seem successful? Your child has to have the biggest and the best, and win every contest in school and outside, no matter what the cost? Is it good for the children?

Talking to Your Kids After the Babysitter’s Visit

When you are looking for the right babysitter, it is not enough that she is perfect in terms of salary, experience, and says all the right things. It is also important that she is a right fit for the kids. The only way to find this out is after her first babysitting visit with them.

Basic Etiquette For Hiring a Babysitter

When you’re planning to hire a babysitter, one of the key words to dealing with the whole experience is “Rules”. The house rules, first of all, which you will have to impart to the prospective babysitter as well as reinforce with your children.

Be Your Own Parenting Coach

A parenting coach is someone who is your personal ‘cheerleader.’ Coaching you through difficult situations and supporting your goal decisions. This coach can take your parenting goals, your children’s unwanted behaviors and help you develop or improve your parenting skills. In addition, help you create your parenting goals. If you are having some difficulty eliminating or reducing some unwanted behaviors, getting the assistance of a parenting coach could indeed be helpful. However, you may want to try out being your own parenting coach first.

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