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Snack Attack Must Watch Animated Short Film

Snack Attack Must Watch Animated Short Film

Extracurricular Activities for Kids Part 2: Navigating the Problems

When getting your child involved in an extracurricular there are several issues to consider. First you decide how much commitment is right for your family and your child. Next you and your child pick an activity. You navigate the issues that come up about attending the activity and participating. And you handle the trials and tribulations of practicing the skill between lessons.

Extracurricular Activities For Kids Part 1: Picking an Activity

When getting your child involved in an extracurricular there are several issues to consider. First you decide how much commitment is right for your family and your child, in order for you and your child pick an activity. You handle the issues that come up about attending the activity and participating. And you navigate the trials and tribulations of practicing the skill between lessons.

My Child’s a Genius!

Parents often see their children as a reflection of themselves. If their children look good, get good grades, and are successful, their parents can take credit for it.

Is Spying on Your Kids Good or Bad?

A commonly asked question by new parents is should I spy on my kids. Here are some things to consider.

How To Decide When Your Child Is Ready To Play Outside

Children develop at varying rates, both physically and mentally and it can be difficult to decide when your child is ready to play with their friends without your supervision. There are many factors to consider when deciding if your child is ready. The opinion of a mother of 2 would be that they should be at least 5 years of age and should be generally an obedient child who has common sense. It is the first of many such decisions parents must take as their child grows up and the apron strings need to be loosened more and more over time.

Trust and Teens: How Parents Can Handle the “You Don’t Trust Me” Defense

Many parents worry that their ‘tween’s or teen’s behavior is headed somewhere not good, but worry about calling them on the possibility of wrong doing. “What if I accuse her and she wasn’t doing it?” We worry that we will ruin a good or OK relationship by even asking. But ask we must. Dr. Gilboa uses a twelve year old and shoplifting concerns to illustrate how to talk to our kids about real issues and handle their reactions.

Capturing the Milestones of Your Baby’s First Year

The sound of your baby’s first laugh, the first time they taste their first mouth full of cereal and their first step. Watching your child go through all of their early milestones is amazing and exhilarating so, how can your baby’s milestones be captured in order to preserve this brief time?

Choosing a Nanny Placement Agency – 10 Tips

Deciding to employ a nanny is a big step for any family and choosing a nanny placement agency is a daunting task for most parents. Knowing which services you want and which are on offer are important parts of choosing a nanny placement agency so here are 10 tips to help you make that decision.

Fall Potentials in the Home

There are numerous fall potentials for children in the home. They can trip on throw rugs, or at the juncture of carpet and tile. There are always potentials for falling down stairs or toppling off decks. Now is the time to identify those areas in your home and begin to minimize them by securing rugs, smoothing junctures between flooring types and installing permanent or temporary child gates.

Chores for Two-Year-Olds

Children can learn good habits by age two that will help them to be responsible for the rest of their lives. Using developmentally appropriate games and techniques to teach your child these habits will make it a fun and enjoyable learning experience for both you and your child.

Toddler Art Activities: A Fun Way of Learning and Bonding

Art and craft activities are great to express one’s personality and helps in enhancing and channelizing creativity. The same holds true for the toddlers too and the other aspect of these toddler art activities is that the toddler, apart from being creative, also gets an opportunity to enhance the motor skills. It is a known fact that children especially the toddlers like colors and are always enthusiastic about opportunities to get their hands to some. Toddlers tend to like the bright colors as they are visually appealing. Toddler art activities are not just about painting and drawing but there is more to it than just that, crafts, collages, impressions are also considered to be great art and fun activities for kids. It is important that you take an active part in these activities with your kid not just for fun but also to ensure that the kid does not put unwanted things in mouth and is safe. Toddlers in the age group of 18-24 months have a tendency to put anything and everything they can find in their mouth and if left unsupervised they can put something in mouth which can choke them or hurt them in some manner.

Toddler Beds: Choose the Best

The most important piece of furniture for any toddler is his or her bed and it is important that you give the best you can afford because toddlers are vulnerable during sleep and can easily fall off an unsecured bed. The transition from a crib to a toddler bed is quite an interesting task for a toddler as it gives them a feeling of being grown up and that some day he or she will also have her own large bed just like the parents. The toddler beds are available quite easily in the present time and you can choose from a wide variety of designs and materials based on your needs and affordability. The best toddler bed however is the one which has reliable rails and a solid design with minimal joints or screws. The mattress and other bedding items can also be easily procured from the furniture stores and it is advisable that you choose a mattress that fits the bed appropriately without leaving any space between the sides rails and the mattress.

Teaching Toddler Behavior: Not an Easy Task

Teaching your toddler how to behave is a very complex task but not an impossible one and with patience and persistence the battle can be won. Teaching toddler behavior is an important part of giving your toddler the right kind of skills to lead a good social life once he or she starts going to school. The toddlers often learn things by imitating the actions of other members of family especially the parents and older siblings or children in the family. It is important that the toddlers follow an ideal role model and makes it even more important for you to exhibit your best behavior when the toddler is around. There are various techniques which can be adopted for teaching the right kind of behavior to kids and it is advisable that you choose the techniques based on the age of your toddler the desired output of the techniques. Age is an important factor when it comes to learning because if you try to push too hard too early then you might not see the desired results and this can cause some serious damage to the self belief and esteem of the toddler too.

The Importance of Toddler Activities

Toddler activities are a fun to be part of and provide you with the much required opportunity to bond with your kid and make him or her learn something good while playing. There are numerous activities that you can do with your toddler however it is important that you choose the activities based on the age of your kid. Differentiate the activities into outdoor and indoor and keep a healthy balance between both the types of activities. The activities play an important role in physical and mental development of a child. It helps in keeping them busy with something that is acceptable and in determining whether the toddler is ready to take the next step and go to school. The activities you take up should be based on the age of a toddler because you cannot do all sorts of activities with toddlers of all age groups. Infants or toddlers in the age group of 12-18 months are confined to the indoors most of the times hence you need to plan out indoor activities for them. Ideal activities for toddlers in this age group are playing with balls, throwing and identifying things in photographs or other material.

Make Healthy and Nutritious Snacks for Toddlers

Health and nutrition is of prime importance irrespective of whether you are talking about adults, kids or aged and it is important that healthy eating habits are developed during the formative years of childhood. Toddlers tend to be very fussy about their meals and many parents say that their toddlers hardly eat anything at meal time. In order to set things in order it is important that you set a routine or time for the meals and give your toddler something to eat at approximately the same time every day. This would help in setting their biological clock in order. It does not matter whether they eat or not at that time on first couple of days but if you keep up with this practice the toddler is bound to respond to it sooner or later. Once the time has been set it is important that you maintain it and prepare healthy snacks for toddlers to eat. Most toddlers in the age group of 2 – 3 years are very active and hardly have time to sit down for a meal and see it as a distraction or an interruption to their activities.

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