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If being a parent does not come easily, there is no need to be disheartened; as a host of resources are available that can help you to become a more confident parent. All the information that can help to improve your skills, and make you an effective and positive parent is at your fingertips.

The Secret to Raising Teens: Four Quick Tips for Staying Positive

What parent doesn’t occasionally agonize over the challenges that teenagers bring to a family? Their hormones are raging and the teen brain (I hear their frontal lobes are not fully-developed, which accounts for their lack of empathy) seems to be out of control. I long for the days when our sweet little dearies used to love family vacations.

Effective Parenting

If you sometimes feel frustrated, and believe that you are not being effective in getting through to your kids, then this article offers some tips for you. There really is no definitive conclusion as to what makes parenting most effective. Most parents try their hand at it the best they know how, but, since there was no plan to begin with, some do flounder along the way.

Positive Parenting – Are You Crushing Your Child’s Self Esteem?

Positive parenting can be a very simple concept to follow when broken down into its core elements. Put simply positive parenting is saying what you want from your child. It is using positive action words, and it is about telling your child what you want and expect from them rather than telling them the behaviour you do not want from them.

Figuring Out Your Unborn Child’s Date of Birth

There are certain ways to determine the exact day that your child will be born based on what the date of conception was. A lot of parents want to know the date of birth of their child so they will know exactly when to expect a trip to the hospital.

Guiding Your Child In Money Handling

Teaching your children the value of money is an important lesson they should learn early in life, especially during these hard financial times. However, along with the lesson, you and your spouse should also be practicing what you preach by establishing sound fiscal policies on the homefront. This will create a great example for your children to follow.

An Effective Parenting Plan Can Help High Conflict Parents

If you are divorced or separated from your spouse, you may find yourself in high conflict over your child’s welfare. That conflict may cause both parents to lack in their parenting responsibilities. Resolving conflicts is important to maintaining parental responsibilities and ensuring your child receives the best parenting.

Parenting Plan Samples Can Help You Make An Effective Parenting Plan

Having an effective parenting plan is essential for separated or divorced parents. Sample parenting plans are a great way to begin creating your own parenting plan that works.

How To Manage Fussy Eating for Sensory Processing Disorder Children

Find out what Sensory Processing Disorder means and how you can make dinner a fuss free experience with these simple suggestions. If your child is a fussy eater, find out what you can do to help.

Baby Development Week By Week – Birth To 1 1/2 Months

The young and the old stand on the threshold of the unknown. The old we can only comfort but the young we can guide. In the first three years of that journey we have the privilege of being able to help our children every step of the way towards becoming the unique individual they were created to be.

Does Child Behavior Modification Make Parenting Easier?

Being a parent is a challenge. There’s no two ways about it. Being a good parent, or even a great parent, is an even bigger challenge. Children don’t come with handbooks. They demand much of your time with very little, if any gratitude.

You Can Just Say No To Your Kids

Are you having trouble saying “no” to your kids? Learn 2 simple tips so that you can say “no” to your kids with confidence.

A Checklist To Follow For Any New Babysitter

There are times when you will need a baby sitter to take care of your children for a while when you want to go out or go to work. You should be prepared and have a checklist for the baby sitter ready. The first thing that you have to do is check the baby sitter’s references. If it is someone you know, like your sister or cousin, you probably feel better. If you have to hire someone, you better make sure you get references.

Choosing a Baby Formula

If you decided to change from breast milk to formula or you are starting with the formula from the very beginning, you might feel overwhelmed by the many different things you have to take notice of and the many different types available. There are many kinds of formula available in the market. You can find ready made formulas, others that are concentrated and powdered formulas. Ready to use formulas are the easiest and most expensive.

Why Do Babies Cry?

Your baby is healthy and happy. You make every effort to keep your baby healthy and happy. Then why is the baby still crying? This is normal and you shouldn’t worry. Here are some things that might cause your baby to cry and ways to cope with them. First of all, check if the baby is hungry. You have fed that baby not long ago, but babies need food every two to three hours at the early stages of life so offer food and see if the baby is hungry.

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