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‘Spring Cleaning’ the Big Family Issue – Gail Bell on BT Calgary

'Spring Cleaning' the Big Family Issue  - Gail Bell on BT Calgary

Getting Your Children to Behave

As parents of 5 children we have our trials. We have battled with the “he hit me”, “he’s touching me”, “he took my toy”. To get the most out of raising children you need to know how to set limits and get your children to understand their boundaries.

Hire a Nanny – 2 Important Aspects to Consider First Before Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny means you have to entrust your child to somebody else’s care. It would be easy to post an ad, conduct some interviews, ask for referrals and choose the one who comes closest to all of your requirements. However, there are two immediate areas of considerations you have to think about before you hire a nanny.

Youth Financial Education & Money Education Courses For Youth

Whether your children are going to attend a community college or an big name University, we are giving our kids lots of ‘school subject’ smarts but not ‘real world, improve my life on all levels’ smarts. The sad thing is, everyone needs a money education but as you can see from recent news headlines, very few have received practical financial knowledge when they were younger. Most people today still learn about money the hard way – instead of getting the money education they need to avoid those mistakes.

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity With the Right Tools

Drawing, coloring, and using water paints to create artwork that you can proudly display on the refrigerator has long been a favorite past time of children. While they enjoy themselves, they can learn about color, texture, and dimension as their artistic skills grow. You can encourage your child to express inner creativity by providing the tools necessary to do their best.

Allowances For Kids – Examples of Effective Use

The main purpose for giving allowances is to teach children how to manage money wisely. In the learning process, children will develop the ability not only to make good financial decisions, but also to delay gratification, to save for what they want. Here are some examples.

Having Twins Now – Logistics 101 – Increasing Kids From ONE to THREE

So you’re having twins? Great! Here is a quick list of logistical circumstances you have to plan for before the puke machines and all of their goodies begin invading your den, garbage can and hearts.

Understanding the California Child Actor’s Bill

The California Child Actor’s Bill, which is sometimes referred to as “The Coogan Act” is a very important bill that protects the earnings of child actors from potential predatory practices of parties interested in the money the children earn. The bill originally came to be in 1939 when child actor Jackie Coogan reached the age of majority, only to discover his parents had spend the vast majority of the millions of dollars he had earned though his career .

Average Babysitter Rate – A Guide For Both Parents and Babysitters

If you want to know how much you will have to pay a babysitter in case you need to hire one, you can always refer to the net. The average babysitter rate is not hard to determine since some have already compiled the available data for you.

Parents – Is Your “Constructive Criticism” Destroying Your Children’s Motivation and Self Esteem?

Your efforts at teaching your kids a better way may be destroying their motivation instead of moving them to positive action. Find out if you are demoralizing your kids and what to do instead.

Babysitter Agency – How to Choose the Best From the Various Babysitter Agencies

Some agencies have more focus on earning from the babysitters they send out without really exhausting all efforts to conduct a background check or match the babysitter to the needs of the parent-customer. Your search for a babysitter then begins with your search for the best babysitter agency by taking note of the following.

Who’s Going to Step Up?

“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” In today’s society, did we forget about this song that was once popular? Or, has parenting changed from the way our parents and grandparents raised us?

School Readiness Tips For Parents

Readiness for school is a phrase that parents are likely to hear a lot from preschool teachers at parent-teacher conferences, on report cards, or in reference to preschool curriculum. Now, one might think that the term school readiness has little to do with preschoolers, who spend most of their day engaged in creative play and other fun activities, but it does.

Being a Parent – The Joy and Pain

The first time you laid eyes on the this beautiful stranger, you were entranced. You stared at the tiny perfect fingers, you sighed and felt all warm and inspired.

What Life Skills to Teach Your Children?

Recently in the news, I read an interesting article on parents enrolling their kids in touch typing classes, at quite a young age, to help them get a head start on life. For things like essay writing and taking notes on computer, I reflected that this is a great skill to learn but also in ten years time will there not be voice recognition software as standard so making typing an obsolete skill. It got me think about what I skills I would like to have learnt as a child to help me in life.

A Parent’s #1 Fear

This is really a no-brainer, yet parents don’t think in these terms in a front-of-mind sort of way; yet, we’re supremely and eternally aware in a subconscious way regarding what can happen to our kids. The parents’ number one fear is a maiming or fatal illness or injury to their children.