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Sticky Note Word Hunt

sticky note word hunt

If you’re looking for an active and fun way to review high-frequency words, you’re in the right place! Get kids writing, reading, and moving with this fun interactive learning game. This game was created to go along with our You Can Read Sight Words program, but you can use it to review any words your child is working on. 

Learning high frequency words is something many young students are working on. Building a sight word vocabulary is important and helps with reading. Remember, high-frequency words and sight words are not the same thing, be sure to read more here if that’s news to you! We use You Can Read Sight Words {the new and improved version} to focus on teaching high frequency words and my Kindergarten students have learned 12 words so far. This game was created to help them review in a fun and active way!

First, I created sticky notes with all of the words they have learned so far. They have been explicitly taught the sounds in the words, we have mapped these words, and they have practiced with these words prior to this activity. I added the heart-parts to the sticky notes to emphasize the tricky part in each word.

Next, I had my students use their own set of sticky note – kids LOVE sticky notes – to create their own set of words. They each chose a color for the letters and used red/pink for the heart-parts. Pink is used for a temporary heart part {like a long vowel} as a gentle reminder that the letter doesn’t say its most common sound. In this example the kids used pink for the long e in the words: he, me, we, be. They are used to the letter e making its short vowel sound, so need a gentler reminder that the e says its long sound in these words.

After they wrote their words, they hid them around the room. Click to see a video clip of them doing this!

Finally, they each had to find each other’s words! As they found a word, they ran to the main board and looked for the matching word. They read the word and stuck it on top! They both loved this activity, it was engaging, active, purposeful, and fun! They got practice writing words, reading words, and got lots of energy out too!


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