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SUMMER CAMP AT HOME! // weekend DITL + working on the garden

SUMMER CAMP AT HOME!  //  weekend DITL + working on the garden

My Child Is Always Frustrated – What Can I Do?

There are ways to help kids feel less frustrated. Let’s take a look.

A Parents Payment: The Rewards of Having Children

Though it’s full of challenges, being a parents can enrich your lives in many unexpected ways. Check out these awesome benefits of having children.

Pica Disorder – What To Do When Your Child Eats Non-Foods

While it’s common for children to eat non-food items, parents often feel confused and worried. Here a Child Psychiatrist responds to parents’ common questions about Pica Disorder in childhood.

Letter to a Three-Year Old Toddler

Dear Son, You just turned three, and as usual, mommy gets into the senti mode every time we celebrate your birthday. It seems so yesterday when I labored for almost seven hours, when I gave birth to you, when I didn’t know how to hold you because you were so small and I was afraid that I might hurt you, and when I breastfed you for the first time. To tell you the truth son, there are times when Daddy and I would just look at you and wonder how you grew up so fast.

When Separation Anxiety Becomes More Than Just a Worry

Does your child insist on sleeping with you, worry about kidnappers or follow you around the house? Here a Child Psychiatrist provides expert tips on Separation Anxiety Disorder. Read on to learn about how it differs from ‘normal’ separation anxiety and what you can do to help your child.

Kids Bully My Child – How Can I Help Him?

Are you at a loss? I can help.

Working Together As a Family

There is no possible way that I could do all the work involved with running our household of seven. The amount of laundry alone is a week-long chore.

My Child Is Always Angry – What Can I Do?

Your child is always angry. There really are ways to help.

My Child Worries All The Time – How Can I Help?

Need to help your child feel relief from his constant worrying? I can help you.

Parenting Help to Maintain Harmony Between Siblings

The main reason that people seek parenting help is because of jealousy problems when a new baby comes into the family. This article suggests some effective measures on how you can make your new and older kids feel love, cared, and a part of the family.

Helping Your Children Deal With Your Divorce

It’s no secret that parents divorcing can be a source of trauma for the children involved. They love both parents, and they want their family to stay together. They may suffer from worries that if the parents fell out of love with each other, they might fall out of love with their children, too. Even though you are feeling the stress yourself, you have to be there for your children giving them hope, love, and understanding.

My Child Procrastinates Constantly – Why?

Procrastination seems to be getting worse in the lives of our children. I will show you the way out.

Kid Play Ideas – The Princess Needs To Be Rescued!

Let’s play princess! They want some help with ideas. Stuck? Find help here.

Kids’ Play Ideas – Use Movie Titles!

Using movie titles to create play is exciting! It’s convenient and easy. I’ll show you how.

My Child’s So Insecure!

Don’t let frustration render you helpless. You can help your child learn positive self-esteem!

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