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Surviving Pandemic Parenting Week 2, Presented by Priya Raghav and Lauren Fine

Surviving Pandemic Parenting Week 2, Presented by Priya Raghav and Lauren Fine

The Language of Money – A Simple Way to Teach Kids to Speak “Buckish”

If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country and didn’t speak the language, you understand how difficult it is to communicate with those around you. The same thing holds true for the language of money. Teaching kids to speak this language early will help ensure that they can understand the important world of personal finance and investing as they get older. Teach them now so they don’t have to learn the hard way, like so many of us have had to do as adults.

Learning Disabilities – To Reveal and Overcome

Your child is inquisitive, has a rich imagination, easily does sums, good at drawing, but has troubles with reading and writing. Why? It may be due inattention, but also the reason can be very deep. This sector of learning disabilities is called dyslexia. In order how to identify and overcome this disorder we provide you with the article. Here you can find useful aspects of learning disabilities.

Child Safety Tips on Holidays

This article is about the growing number of holiday homes that have not got proper safety measures in place when you take your family on holiday. This comes on the back of extensive research which concluded 45% of parents feel they need to be more safety conscious on a holiday with young children than they would be at home. These reports were found in a survey by a mum whose own two year old son fell into an unenclosed swimming pool on holiday.

How to Transition Kids From a Laissez Faire Holiday Schedule to a Structured Back-to-School Schedule

Holidays are filled with high energy, lots of activities and vacations as well as the freedom from a seriously controlled schedule. But, when it’s time to get things in order for a more structured schedule, it is going to take some effort on the part of the parent and child.

The Role of Every Parent in Children Mathematics Education

Over the years, it has been acceptable to say or tell someone that you can’t do math. The society welcomes it and in many homes today, the saying still goes on. Imagine for example here in the United Kingdom, English is what we speak and you would surely expect everyone you meet in the street or in the office to know the language. It will come as a surprise to you if you happen to ask for direction in the middle of Oxford street London and only to be told ‘sorry, I can’t speak English.’

Single Parents Find Time to Exercise

How do we find the time to give ourselves and our bodies the much needed relief of regular exercise? How do we keep our bodies fit and healthy while overloaded with the many other responsibilities of parenthood?

Arrested Moral Development – Teaching Our Kids to Do What’s Right, and Not Just Avoid Punishment

We try to teach our kids to do what’s right. But we don’t just want them to avoid getting into trouble. We want the to grow and mature so that they do what’s right because it’s ingrained. In this humorous article, learn how to help your kids develop real morals!

A Trip to the Library – Libraries Help the Love of Reading Schools Often Squeeze Out!

What do you do when the school wants to teach your child to read by sending home silly, boring books? And your child starts hating the sight of the written word? You go the library where the real adventure is!

Genetic Curse – How to Take the Bad Things We Inherited and Turn Them Into Something Positive!

Our parents bequeath us many things, like hugs, smiles, love, and Christmas decorations we made when we were 7. But they also pass on a number of bad things. Maybe it’s a tendency to gain weight just by looking at chocolate truffles, or a predisposition to alcoholism, health problems, or receding hairlines. Or perhaps it’s a personality issue: you’re too shy, too angry, too impulsive, too scared. Learn how to take the bad things and turn them into something good!

How to Create a Willingness to Live Under Parental Authority

Discipline, love, and patience are fundamental components to truly teach a child to favorably live under parental authority. Just teaching children to do the wright thing is simply not enough because it is difficult for the child to obey their authority if they do not feel valuable, respected, and rewarded for their cooperation.

An Opportunity to Obey – Teaching Toddlers

I have learned much about parenting from watching my son learn and grow. I have learned a lot about myself as well, and that I have as much to learn about life as my son. While he is learning about tastes, sounds, colors, and cause and effect relationships, I am learning that just because I am the parent, I do not always do the right thing.

Leaving Your Kids Home Alone

Leaving your kids home alone is a step every family has to take at some point. Here are some planning tips and ways you can keep an eye on them with hidden cameras in your home.

Help Protect Your Child From the Dangers of Abduction

Child abduction is a very serious concern for parents. Many abductions occur from friends and family members than from strangers. Children should be education to try to prevent the possibility of abduction.

Does Your Teenage Daughter Have Mood Swings?

Teenage girls often have mood swings that are like no other mood swings you’ll ever witness. This article offers seven tips for keeping your cool through these sometimes often mood swings.

Teenage Dating – How Should Parents Respond When Teens Begin Dating?

Teenage dating can be very scary for parents. It is hard to know how much freedom to give your teen as they begin dating. This article gives some suggestions and guidelines for parents who are struggling or worried about their teen’s dating.

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