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Tasty Easy Instant Panipuri Recipe in minutes|Golgappa in 5minutes|pani puri at home|

Tasty Easy Instant Panipuri Recipe in minutes|Golgappa in 5minutes|pani puri at home|

Parenting Tips – How to Be a Friend and Parent

Parenting is a mixture of being a friend and a parent. On one side it is about having to set rules and boundaries, to ensure the safety of your child and teach them to become responsible individuals and on the other side it is about being there similar to a supportive friend, listening to them, understanding what’s going on and offering unconditional love and acceptance.

A Happy Mom Is A Happy Family

Moms are so much more powerful than they realize. How they are feeling on a particular day can have significant effects on the entire family. A Mom can and does influence so many things in her environment. And that can affect how she feels, and in turn how the other family members feel.

Parenting and Stress – 7 Coping Strategies

Parenting and stress go hand in hand, but there are things you can do that will help you cope with the stress of parenting. Parenting is a very rewarding experience but it is also very demanding and stressful. There is a lot of responsibility involved in raising children and there is no shortage of advice to help deal with parenting and stress.

What Is a Parenting Coordinator?

Many times parents go through a divorce and then have ongoing problems because of their strong emotions, inability to plan together or poor communication skills. They might repeatedly return to lawyers and Court over and over and over again, hoping that the issues that cause the problems can be resolved.

Kids and Vaccines – What Parents Should Say to Kids About Getting Shots

After about age 2, kids catch on that going to the doctor often means getting shots. Here are some do’s and don’ts for preparing for those visits. Get suggestions about how to answer the dreaded question “Do I have to get a SHOT?!” Get help managing your child’s expectations and your own about immunizations.

Discipline: What Kind of Discipline Does Your Child Get?

The subject of disciplining your child can be a touchy one. Time outs to spanking, who knows what is the right or wrong way. Bottom line, all children need to be disciplined.

Child Development – Seven Stages on the Way to Freedom

Independence is the main quality of a grown up person. What should parents know about their child’s development from a completely dependent infant into a fully responsible, independent adult?

Kids and Money – 7 Essential Skills For Financial Success

Whilst the debate about financial education in schools continues, parents need not wait to teach their kids about money. Here are 7 things that every teen should know about money and financial success.

Promotional Squirt Guns Can Enhance Parent-Child Bonding

I may not be a parent as of the moment but I know that constant bonding with parents is essential for raising a responsible and loving child. I should know that in a son’s perspective. We are bothered by the numbers of kids going astray because their hunger for their parents’ attention and love.

Free Baby Giveaways – Useful Tips and Advice

Providing the right baby care is not just doing the right procedures in taking care of them but also in using the right products in the market. With the help of many baby companies online, you’ll find that lots of them send out free baby giveaways to parents. They just need to do several procedures to help them get these free items.

What Makes Your Kid Laugh?

Not just kid’s stuff A not-so-old-wives’ tale says that children laugh about 400 times a day. Although serious laughter researchers say that the number is too high, just about everyone agrees that kids laugh a lot. Why do kids’ funny bones get such a workout?

Are You Working So Hard for Your Child’s Future That You Are Missing Their Present?

I heard that remark on the Jeremy Vine show yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks. It was such a simple comment made by a listener to the programme but I expect it hit many people “right where it hurts” myself among them! When we are caught up in the inertia of day to day living few of us stop and look at what we are doing or ask ourselves the really tough questions like.

What to Expect When Your Teenage Daughter Is Expecting

Having a pregnant teen is something that parents don’t expect. If you have a teenage daughter who’s pregnant, accept it. Yelling and screaming at her won’t change the fact that she’s having a baby. What’s done is done. Obviously, she can keep or give the baby up for adoption. Be supportive, love your daughter.

When Should Positive Parenting Really Begin?

Many people believe that parenting begins when kids are born. That may be somewhat true. However, positive parenting actually begins way before a child is born. In order to get spousal partners on the right track together on this “new job”, they really need to begin putting together their parenting plan before conception.

Need Help Parenting

Have you been looking around for ideas or tips on how to be a good parent? Come read and learn exactly how to raise your children so that they can be successful. You will learn how to send them off on the right track and keep them there until their an adult.

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