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5 Nursery Accessories That Are Useful and Decorative

Nursery accessories provide organization, ease of use, and a little relief from the hardship and hassles that every mom faces. They also can make a nursery more welcoming and more beautiful.

Good Health Important for Success in Academics

Health is an all time important factor which can help you succeed in academics. We must therefore take good care of our health. Our body is a very complex being and does a lot of work and as such it deserves appreciation.

Prepare the Relationship for Parenthood

Once a baby comes, let’s face it, your whole life is going to change and it will become whatever you want or allow it to become. Many people express that their relationship changes after the baby arrives and they become less happy as a couple. Now since you are pregnant it is a good time to start focusing extra attention on the relationship and take the opportunity to prepare it for parenthood.

Encouragement: The Best Tool for Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence and Healthy Relationships

As a parent, perhaps one of your biggest challenges is helping your child build self-confidence. While it may sound easy, it often takes a little more effort than we initially think. Follow these tips to help boost your child’s self confidence and improve healthy relationships.

3 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Their Children And How To Stop Them

Teaching your child to behave can be a very long process which requires a lot of time, effort, patience, and strategies which simply can’t be done overnight. When done properly, it can be very rewarding and make life much easier for you, your child and your family. Here are the 3 common mistakes parents make when disciplining their children (1) Parents using one style of parenting and applying it to children with a specific diagnosis like ADHD.

How Many Kids Is Enough?

The miracle of having babies can be a wonderful thing, but when does it become too much? Sometimes we need to think outside of ourselves when making big decisions like having children.

Love and Parenting, Part 4 – Cultivating Love

Reflection and meditation on love will bring an increase of loving behavior to your parenting. Why it’s important for your own well being to forgive and let go of grudges. Love grows as we deliberately take actions to cultivate it.

GPS Tracking To Watch Your Teenagers – The Implications

The technology inside today’s mobile phone makes it straightforward for any parent to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their children and especially teenagers on the move. Installing a tracking account to any modern mobile phone is a simple process of opening an account with a tracking provider, who in return will send you an email message for you to confirm your wish to track the phone, then you’re good to go.

The Effects of Violent Media on Children

Watching violent movies or playing violent games is OK, after all they aren’t real. But what if the part of the mind that governs all our actions doesn’t realise it isn’t real, would you be so inclined to let your kids play or watch them?

How to Teach Kids to Resist Peer Pressure in 3 Steps

Over 35% of the adolescents have lied to their parents, been pressured into doing something illegal, or forced a friend into doing something uncomfortable, all due to peer pressure, according to Survelum Public Data Bank. Find out how to teach kids to resist peer pressure in three steps.

Parenting Tips to Meditating With Your Toddler

A growing number of parents are looking for ways to share their stillness practice with their children. Here are some benefits of meditating with your toddler, along with suggestions for how to get started. Benefits of Meditating With Your Toddler:

Conforming: Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

As parents we want our children to be successful and will do almost anything to that end. Teaching them to navigate the expectations of society is different than making them conform, as my teenager continues to reinforce for me.

Children and Vaccines

It can be a scary thing to think about whether or not vaccines could harm your child. I never even knew of such a debate before I had kids. It was only after I had my son that I starting reading about it and got scared!

Bring Your Family Closer Together With One Simple Action for a Closer Family Relationship

Do you want to ensure that your kids grow up healthy and have strong bonds with you and with each other? With one simple action, you can help bring your family closer together! Want to know the secret? Have family dinners as often as possible. Even if your busy schedule only allows a few each week, all of you will benefit from gathering for meals together…

How To Keep Your Kids Out Of Jail

A study done at the State University of New York found that 30.2 % of 23 year olds surveyed reported that they had been arrested at least once for non-traffic offenses. A similar 1965 study showed the number closer to 20%.

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