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The Effects Of Your Indifference To Covert Narcissist

The Effects Of Your Indifference To Covert Narcissist

ADHD Parenting Tip – Common Myths of ADHD Exposed

There is a lot of information out there about ADHD, and unfortunately so much of it is completely inaccurate and misleading. As the parent of a child with ADHD, you need accurate information that will support your efforts in helping your child achieve success in his or her life.

How To Discipline Modern Children

The way we discipline modern children, those born after 1990, must be adapted to their peculiar needs. Tolerance and comprehension are the keys to establish a bond of trust. We must facilitate their transition to adulthood.

7 Ways to Help Your Teen Cope With an Economic Crisis

Adults are not the only ones stressing out about our economy, our teens are taking a hit too. Help your teen release anxiety through these turbulent times. Great tips on how to help your teen cope with this economic crisis.

My Child My Soul Mate

Do you believe in soul mates? If soul mates are provided for us, it does not make sense that we should have to waste valuable time searching for them, does it? On the contrary! Our soul mates are placed right in the middle of our lives…the most important and fulfilling soul mate relationship we can possibly have is with our children.

Having Children – The Benefits

In this modern age, a lot of married couples decide not to have children for various reasons. Personally, I have found raising children to be very fulfilling and this article discusses some of the benefits of having children.

Multiple Children – The Advantages

There are many benefits of having more than one or two children. This article shares the various benefits and joys of having multiple children.

Educating Children – How Parents Can Help Ensure Children Are Receiving a Good Education

One of the major ways we can help children reach their potential and grow up to be successful adults is in the area of education. We can do this by making sure they have access to the very best schools and teachers we can provide for them. The education a child receives is one of the major keys in determining the degree of success children will reach in their lifetime, and the first three grades are the most critical years of their education.

Children Growing Up Healthy

A bright future starts with a healthy childhood. And that’s why we designed this Growing-up-healthy page to help you with some tips and ideas to maintain your child’s health, development, and milestones.

Preventing Animal Abuse by Teaching Children Animal Care

It’s sad to say that animal abuse is a growing problem in the United States. One recent article said that in the economic downturn, more and more pets were being abandoned, and other statistics show that in times of economic stress, abuse of all kinds-pets, children, spouses, and elders-increases measurably. Rather like small children, pets thrive on affection, structure, and positive interaction, yet in too many circumstances, this isn’t what they’re getting at all.

Preschool Plans – Kids Learn and Enjoy at the Same Time

Preschool teachers, daycare providers and kindergarten teachers can find a mine full of preschool plans on the net. You too can find plans to make music, learn alphabets, animal themed plans and much more.

Dealing With Bad Child Behaviour – Stop Bad Behaviour Now Before Its Out of Control

Tired of dealing with kids that are out of control, and sick of that bad behavior your kids always seem to display at the wrong time? You’re not alone, in fact there are thousands of parents out there today that are dealing with kids that are constantly displaying negative behavior.

Some Essential Baby Stroller Options – A Guide on What You Really Need!

Sometimes you buy a new stroller and find out that you just did not get everything you wanted. This guide will illustrate some of the more important baby stroller accessories and which ones you should really consider for purchase.

Tools For Teaching Your Child to Save Money

It is great for a child to have a special place to keep all the money he saves – like a glass jar or a bank. But when your child has saved up a bit of money it is a great time to teach them about how to save and manage his money. Help him open his own savings account.

Toddler Activities – How to Have Fun and Learn at the Same Time

As a parent you can use various toddler activities to help your child learn about various things and have fun at the same time. Every child is unique and an active learner. You can use these interactive activities to help develop your child’s mental, physical, emotional and social skills.

Your Child’s Real Needs – The Need For Power

Every child has basic needs, power being only one of them. While power struggles with your children are never worth it, sometimes they present the most teachable moments.