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How Can You Help Your Child Deal With Bullies?

How do we equip are children with the skills to deal with bullies and the people who are going to try and make their lives difficult. Victims of bullying feel hurt, alone, scared, fearful, depressed, and they become desperate for help. Often, children end up in counseling because they have been bullied and they finally react with their own aggression or demand help; as adults we can intervene sooner.

Safe Eyes Parental Protective Software for the Safety of Children on the Internet

For children, the virtual world, can be a dangerous world. Just as in the real world, there are predators online, as well. For parents, it is essential to take the necessary steps in order to protect your children from not only the wrong elements on the net, but from getting onto sites that would not be healthy for them.

Is Positive Thinking A Whole Lot Of Baloney?

If you go to any book store or even look online you will find many self-help books that promote the benefits of positive thinking. But is it really a whole lot of rubbish? Or does it truly have the power to change our lives? And whichever way is true, what does this mean in terms of raising our kids?

How to Raise a Musical Child

In addition to enriching a child’s life, familiarity with music and learning to play an instrument help develop crucial areas of a child’s brain. In fact, studies have shown that musical proficiency helps children in math, language, learning, and creativity. In general, a child who can play a musical instrument has an intellectual edge on one who cannot…

Parenting Children With ADD and ADHD: How to Praise Children So It Doesn’t Backfire

Many parents of children with ADD and ADHD will read the title and throw up their hands. Come on. Really? Praising children has been a technique used for motivation since the beginning of time. It can backfire? Don’t throw up the white flag yet. Here it is boiled down to three simple errors to avoid when praising your children.

Potty Training Readiness Checklist

It likely feels like just the other day that you just changed your toddler’s very first nappy, and today you’re asking yourself if it’s the perfect time to begin potty training. There’s no special time in which young children will be ready to begin understanding ways to use the toilet, however, many produce the required bodily and intellectual abilities in between 18 months and two years old.

What Causes Attention Problems?

Our bodies and minds are very complex, and they must deal with stimulation through all of our senses. Our attention is stressed and the mind stops trying to make sense out of the stimuli.

VTech Storio – A Review For Parents

I have reviewed the VTech Storio and here I provide everything you need to know. This review is perfect for those wanting to know everything about VTech Storio. We even follow with additional resources.

4 Year Old Behavior

In this article about 4 year old behavior, we’re going to see what is a “normal” behavior and what you can do to avoid 4 year old behavior problems. If your child is difficult to manage, the parenting advices given in this article will help you see what you can change in your parenting and better understand the 4 year old behavior. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find advices for parents who have a difficult time dealing with their child’s behavior issues.

What Are Processing Problems?

Part of the diagnostics for children being considered eligible for special education are tests that show the child may or may not have “processing problems” or “processing difficulties”. Few people understand these terms enough to explain it to parents who then just repeat the phrase but don’t comprehend the meaning or the ramifications for their child’s education.

Working Motherhood Without Tears: 5 Ways to Handle It All

You’re not going to avoid the inevitable tantrums from the kids, but, as a working mum, you can still prevent the flow of frustrated tears from your own tired eyes. Follow these five tops to help you handle it all.

How Can I Get Help For My Child At School?

Children can receive help at school when they are having difficulty learning. The most common types of help is for reading and math.

Hello Mom – Are You Listening?

Actively listening to your child is fundamental in having a happy and lasting relationship with your child. Through listening to what they are really saying to you, you take part in their daily life and their daily challenges and can guide them with clarity and love.

Why YMCA Gym Memberships Are Great for Single Parents Returning to School

I’m so impressed with the YMCA that I want to share this message with all you single parents who are not only juggling work and childcare, but also your own education. Read on to find out all that the YMCA can do for you and your family.

Food-Onomics 102: Managing the Family Food Budget While Managing Their Weight

We are all concerned about the economy, but there is our own personal economy that politicians and legislators cannot change, and that is what we do with our own money in our own pockets after our expenses are paid. Once we have paid all the bills, we can use the rest in whichever way we see fit, but we still have to proportion it out so that there is enough of it to last till the next bills start coming in. One of those portions is the food budget, which we can use and take advantage of at the same time to provide quality nutrition to our family.

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