Kitchen Table STEAM

The Phases of the Moon for Kids

The Phases of the Moon for Kids

When is Play Just Play and When is it Learning?

Play can be a means to an end (learning about the world and oneself) or it can be an end in itself (pure fun with no obvious educational value). However, when scientists observe children’s play, it is easy to see the educational value of their activities.

Is Your Child a Follower Or Leader?

Is your child a follower? How can you encourage him/her to be a leader, or at least not follow the crowd? This is a tough one and is the one fear most parents have about children who tend to follow. Their children follow and usually follow those who share different values from what you want them to possess. As parents you have to balance this situation with sharing your values with your child/ren. Don’t just verbalize your values, you have to model the behaviors you value and want to instill in your child. So many parents talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. This is not only confusing for your child but is a sure way for them to NOT follow what you say. A big mistake parents often make is to undermine their influence over their children. Take the time to ask the questions that help the child talk to you. Remember to listen and don’t interrupt at all costs.

How to Identify a Safe Website For Your Kids

It’s your responsibility as a parent to make sure that your kids are going to safe sites on the web. So, how do you identify a safe website for your children? Here are a few great tips that can help.

How to Parent in Today’s Changing World

The self-help industry is booming today…and why is that? Because as adults, we are trying to combat the negative thinking and unlearn the bad habits that we learned growing up. We need to tackle this problem head on with our children by teaching them that happiness is choice!

Teach Your Children to Be Responsible With Their Money

Teaching children financial responsibility is extremely necessary to help your children lead happy lives. Money problems plague many people and much of the reason is a lack of education. Teaching them is simple when done little by little every day. Here are six steps that will assist you.

How to Stay Connected to Your Teenager

Parents often feel extremely disconnected from their teenagers which can be frustrating and painful. This article offers suggestions and tips for parents who want to remain connected or reconnect with their teenager.

Teenage Substance Use and Abuse

The use and abuse of substances by teenagers is more common that anyone would like to admit. As a parent, suspecting or knowing your teenager is using or abusing substance can be extremely scary. Often times when this occurs, parents are not sure where to turn for help and support. This article helps break down the various forms of substance use / abuse and help parents recognize when they need to seek help.

Responsible Teenagers – As a Parent How Do I Raise Them?

Raising responsible children / teenagers is very important to most parents, however, can be a struggle. Often times teenagers present as apathetic, disinterested and unmotivated. This article offers specific suggestions to parents to support them in teaching their teenagers to take more responsibility in their lives.

Improve Your Child’s Grades Exponentially

Every child can do better at school and there’s no reason to suggest that a certain child is a doomed failure. Many parents face the difficulty of improving their child’s grades. Your child’s grades can be directly influenced by you.

Parenting Tips For Families Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas – A Jewish Perspective

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Although it is a national holiday in the US, there are many people who do not celebrate this holiday. As a parent, how do you handle the questions and situations that come up when your child asks “why do my friends celebrate Christmas and we do not?” Here are some parenting tips for families who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Mom War Stories – Celebrity Baby Clothes & the All Pink Wardrobe

Our fascination with the progeny of celebrities extends even to the clothing they wear. One mom’s desire to dress her child in these celebrity kid styles, however, conflicts with her daughter’s fierce determination to dress by her own quirky rules.

The Ten Commandments of Being the Parent of a Teen – Revised Edition

If you are a parent of a teenager, every bit of advice is welcomed. This is what I thought before I read what Busy Mom wrote in The Ten Commandments of Being the Parent of a Teen. And I ask you, “With parents thinking like that, who needs enemies?”

Fatherhood – Clarifying a Dad’s Place in the Home

One of the greatest challenges I see many fathers facing is clarity on how to engage fully and take responsibility as a parent, and more specifically their role as a father. Here’s a few questions dads can ask themselves to clarify their role within the family.

Don’t Try to Keep Your Kids Happy

Whenever we do something for the sole reason of trying to make our kids happy we are enslaving ourselves and our child. We are disempowering our child by teaching them that their happiness is dependent on factors outside of themselves, while enslaving our self with the idea that we are responsible for our child’s emotions. So how can you get past this parenting trap?

Guidelines For Kids’ TV and Computer Games – How Much is Enough?

Sometimes when life becomes hectic it can be tempting to parent via the path of least resistance. One of the “easiest” paths is allowing our kids to turn on the Television, put on a DVD, or play with a computer. The effect of TV and computer games on our kids can be positive, but it needs to be done in moderation and not as a form of reward or distraction. So how much is too much?